Vastu Tips by Best Vastu Consultant in Nagpur for Good Health

Everyone works hard to live a healthy and happy life. After a tiring day, when you come back home, you find peace and comfort in each corner. But what if you’re constantly sick at home? This could be because of the negative energy in the house, which causes people to become mentally and physically ill. If you understand the importance of Vastu Shastra, following a few guidelines can help you prevent illness and live a healthy life.

After our discussion with the best Vastu consultant in Nagpur, we are sharing some useful Vastu tips for your good health. 

General Vastu Tips

  • For good health, always light a candle or lamp in the northeast corner of the house. 
  • Always check that the taps in your house are completely closed. The continuous dripping from the taps produces negative energy in the house. Tell all the family members to take care of this thing, and if you see any tap dripping in the house, immediately close it.
  • Do not use the space below the stairs for toilets, storage, or a kitchen. Vastu norms state that it can cause heart disease or nervous illness in the people who live in the house.
  • If you have students or workers from home, request that they study or work facing north or east. According to Vastu principles, it aids in memory sharpening and increases productivity.
  • Plants also play a very vital role in affecting your health condition. Therefore, if you want to place some indoor plants in the house, choose them carefully. Do not use plants like cacti, rubber plants, bonsai, or other milky plants in the house. They might increase the stress and illness in the house. Rather, you can plant Tulsi or basil as an air purifier in the house. 
  • If you have toilets or stairs in the northeast corner of your house, you need to change them. Constructing them in the wrong direction can lead to health problems and stops children’s growth.

Vastu Tips for Healthy Sleep

  • For your physical and mental stability, make sure that you construct your master bedroom in the southwest direction. Avoid building your master bedroom in the northeast direction. It can cause serious health issues for people. 
  • Make sure to sleep with your head in the south direction. It helps with peaceful sleep and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your head in the north direction is never advisable. People experience stress and body aches as a result of it.
  • If you have a pregnant woman in the house, make sure she doesn’t sleep in the northeastern direction. Sleeping in that direction can increase the chance of abortion or miscarriage during pregnancy.
  • If you are confused about selecting the material of your bed, go for simple wooden beds rather than wrought iron ones. Also, avoid having storage space in your beds, as it may cause brain or heart-related problems in people. 
  • It is always advisable to avoid using mirrors in front of your bed. It causes nightmares. 

If you sleep healthy, you feel healthy. Follow these Vastu tips and apply them to your daily life for a healthy lifestyle. Visit Concepts Architects.

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