7 Unexpected Benefits Of Voice Recording Gift!

Voice Recording Gift

Voice recording gifts are fast catching up as a way to make meaningful and memorable impressions on your friends. And while it may appear that everybody just adores the new gift, it is possible that the hidden secret of the popularity of voice recording gifts is the various advantages they bring. As we all know, most gift items have failed in the market because they were deemed not appropriate or creative.

The warmth of a voice is priceless.

The sound of someone’s voice can instantly transport us back to the past. A voice recording is also a great way to keep a connection with someone who is far away. You may not see them daily, but you can hear them whenever you want.

Personalized Messages

Voice recordings allow you to create personalized messages that will be treasured by those who receive them forever because they are unique to each person who hears them! Your message will be heard exactly how you want it to be heard—no one else has ever heard anything like it before! This makes it much more personal than any other form of communication because it allows people to hear your voice exactly as you would like them too.

Good for all occasions

You can record anything for anyone. Whether a love song or a birthday message, a voice recording gift is an easy way to show someone that you care. You can record your favourite quote from the movie “The Princess Bride” for your best friend or a special memory from your high school days for your parents. You can even record yourself singing “Happy Birthday” in different languages so that everyone who hears it will feel special!

Long-lasting gift

Voice recordings are easy to store and share. They don’t take up much space, so they’re easy to keep in your purse or back pocket. You can listen to them on the go or wherever you have internet access. And they’re easily shared with friends and family through social media, email, or text messaging.

Best Way To Preserve Memories

Voice recorders can help you capture every important moment in your life. From birthdays and holidays to vacations and family reunions, a voice recorder is invaluable for preserving memories.

Make Your Loved One Feel Special

If you have a significant other or a family member who lives far away from you, giving them a voice recording gift is a great way to keep them close. You can record messages for them and send them via email or text message so that they can listen to them whenever they want.

A voice recording gift can be cherished for years, even decades. It’s often said that a person’s voice is their fingerprint. That’s because we all have unique voices, and you can’t change yours if you try. So, when someone gives you a voice recording gift, they’re giving you something that will always be special and unique.

Unlike photos, which eventually fade or become damaged, voice recordings never go bad or lose their value. That means that your loved ones will be able to listen to them for years and years to come.

An affordable option. 

Voice recording gifts are the perfect way to show someone you care without spending a fortune. But, of course, you don’t have to spend much money to give a thoughtful gift, so it’s easy to be generous to friends and family members who live far away from you.

Voice Recording Gift is the best way to deliver a personalized voice message with a unique sound. It’s hassle-free, it can be everyone’s favourite, especially if created with their voice, and friends and loved ones will treasure it.

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What Should You Not Buy For A Baby?

In recent years, baby shower celebrations have become quite popular. When celebrating them, the baby’s mother will get many gifts to welcome the little ones. Celebrations are often held in restaurants, hotels, and homes by inviting family and friends. It is a small party held for expectant mothers and their babies. This celebration is now becoming a trend among young couples. If you want to hold an event, you should first understand what it is and what needs to be prepared.

Like the word shower, which means showering, then it means that the prospective mother will be showered with a lot of presents and attention from family and closest friends to welcome her little ones’ birth. However, some interpret the word shower as an umbrella. This is because celebrations in other countries, especially the United States, are often done outdoors during the day. So that guests will use an umbrella to protect themselves from the hot sun.

After World War II, they became popular among western countries. Its celebrations are generally carried out after the little ones are born by giving gifts to their moms. Mama will sit in the main seat and be showered with many presents from family and friends. It is expected to ease the family’s financial burden after giving birth to your little one.

When your closest friend or one of your family members has this celebration, you can get confused about what present to give. Because of course, you are afraid that it doesn’t suit them or maybe most of the other guests give the same gift as yours. Especially if you live far from Singapore, surely you will be more confused about buying it. Take it easy. You can buy it online. Nowadays, many e-commerce sites will offer various opportunity products and gift Singapore delivery services to your loved ones. For the selection of prizes, you can just search for baby equipment you need on the internet. However, you can simply avoid some of these gifts to give. Then what shouldn’t you buy for them?

  1. A shoes

Usually, there is a tradition of passing on good items or equipment to relatives or family members who are about to give birth in a family. Likewise with shoes, surely someone will give shoes that their children have never worn and become useless when their children grow up to their relatives. This is what makes giving shoes so useless, just as a cute decoration.

  • Newborn Size Outfits.

Usually, when our relatives give birth, we can be tempted by clothes the size of a newborn because, of course, you will imagine they will be cute when wearing them. However, this gift is useful only for a moment because remembering that they will quickly grow into a toddler. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy them clothes for toddlers to be used longer and are useful.

  • Changing Table.

When we are about to give birth to our first child, we will buy any baby equipment. However, not all of that will always be useful. Like this changing table, I see no more use for this thing for anything other than changing a little one’s diaper and after bathing activities. Even though this can only be done on an existing bed, right? Buying a changing table is just a waste of money. So, avoid giving a changing table as a baby shower gift.

  • A Hair Brush

If you are thinking about buying this as a gift, then quickly change your mind. Newborn babies have a few hairs and are very fine. Will the hair comb be useful? Or do we need to comb the baby’s delicate hair?

  • Strollers and car seats for babies.

Like shoes, strollers and car seats are usually dropped off by relatives who already have children. Therefore it is very ineffective and redundant to use it as a gift.

  • Crib

Buying these items is often useless. Usually, most couples, in the end, choose to put them to sleep in their bed. This makes these expensive things useless and just a decoration for the room.

  • Thermometer bathtub.

Providing this can also be a useless item. It is important to test the temperature of the water when you want to bathe your little ones. However, usually, mothers will measure the temperature simply, such as feeling it directly on themselves before bathing them. Because after all, a mother’s instincts are more trusted, right?

  • Giving Anything Too Much.

When our closest relatives give birth to their first child, we will certainly be happy. And that is all we will show by giving gifts for their babies. However, we often give gifts that are too many to waste. Like diapers, for example, when we give diapers in a very large number, it turns out that the diapers do not match, the gift will not be of use to them. Moreover, babies are very sensitive to anything. They match differently in diapers, pacifiers, clothes, and other cute items. Therefore, consider carefully the gifts to be given. Or you can ask the mother what they need.

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5 Unique and Surprising Gifts for Your Parents

Despite of great respect in the heart, you all stay behind conveying your feelings and love to your parents. Therefore, it’s high time you’ve surprised your parents with a heart-touching gift.

You don’t need any event or occasion to let your parents know how much you love and value them. So, don’t wait for mother’s day, father’s day or their anniversary to present a gift to them.

We’ve come up with 5 unique and surprising gifts for your parents that will make you’re their eyes wet with tears of happiness.

Are you ready to explore these amazing gifts for parents?

Here we go….

  1. Name Bracelet

A mother is the most beautiful woman in the world for all daughters and sons out there. However, these angels (mothers) forget to take care of themselves in daily routine. It’s your job to take care of her. You can make your mom feel special by adorning her wrist with this open cuff name bracelet by Etchcraft Emporium. You will see an invaluable smile on her face when you gift this bracelet to her. Though it’s an artificial, Grade 304 stainless steel bracelet, but it’s no less than a precious accessory for her.

Customize this lovely bracelet by getting her name engraved on it. The customization of this 22 carat gold-plated bracelet is up to you.

  1. Silver Kada

Unlike moms, fathers don’t show their love to you upfront. Their way of showing love is bit different from mothers. This is why they also deserve a thoughtful gift and a gesture of love & respect from his children. So, get him this silver kada by Etchcraft Emporium as a gift. Thank him for everything he has done and is doing for you. This open cuff style kada will sit on his wrist comfortably. He will be a proud dad when he see a lovely message engraved on the kada such as “YOU’RE MY WORLD DAD”, “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL B’COZ OF YOU DAD”, etc. You can even add his name on this silver finished kada.

  1. Car Keychain

Another unique gift item for parents is a car keychain from the brand Etchcraft Emporium. This is a different keychain that not just holds keys tightly but also keeps up the user’s style. It is a car-shaped keychain that comes in silver finish. You can be tailored as per your choice. For instance, its silver finished surface can be engraved with any text of your preference with laser light. The laser engraved text or message would never fade whatsoever. Therefore, get something special engraved on this car keychain.

  1. Personalised Name Plate

Your parents would be glad to get a beautiful name plate as a gift from you. You can add a touch of beauty to the entry gate of your home with an elegant custom-made name plate. We suggest you getting a wooden name plate that can be customized with a photo of your parents along with their names.

  1. Table Lamp-cum-Mirror

Last but not least, you can gift a two-in-one item to your parents. We are speaking about a lamp-cum-mirror. Many gift vendors online and offline offer this unique gift item. You can convert any mirror into a pictorial table lamp. It will work as a mirror during day and turns into a lamp during night. When your parents will switch on the lamp, their lovely photos will appear. We’re sure; they are going to love your unique idea.

Over to You

With these 5 unique and surprising gift ideas, you can give immense happiness to your life angels. These gift ideas can be considered anytime for parents to tell them that they mean the world to you.

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