Peculiarities of fertilization in surrogacy

A child is conceived because of a fusion of male and female germ cells, their exchange of their genetic sets. The same material is used for surrogacy: a woman’s egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm. Conception during surrogacy takes place extracorporeally, in a test tube. The technology of how fertilization occurs in surrogacy is not different from IVF carried out in other cases. The only exception is that after maturation, the embryo is implanted into the uterus of the woman who agrees to carry and bear the child. The procedure is preceded by activities aimed at synchronization of physiological processes of both women by means of hormonal therapy. The pregnancy could be confirmed in two weeks following the donor embryo transfer. If the result is positive, the surrogate will register her pregnancy and carry the child for 40 weeks.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of the procedure

To ensure the most effective result of the fertilization procedure in surrogacy, specialists carry out measures aimed at ensuring that the biological mother has matured several eggs. The probability of pregnancy in this case will be much higher. After the germ cells are extracted from the woman’s body, they are fertilized with her husband’s sperm and placed in a special environment. Each egg may receive a portion of sperm, or specialists will use the ICSI procedure, in which a sperm is placed in the right place using a micro syringe. Since fertilization lasts up to 24 hours, in surrogacy the eggs spend a day in the incubator before their changes are recorded. After 3-5 days, the embryos formed from the fusion of an egg and a sperm cell are transferred into the uterine cavity. The procedure is quite comfortable and does not require anesthesia.

How do I find a surrogate?

Surrogacy is a technology that allows a couple to create a full family and have offspring. At the same time, it is a complicated process of finding a woman who could bear and give birth to a child. You cannot do without professional help in this matter. Delivering Dreams Agency can provide an effective aid in searching for the suitable candidate for surrogacy in Ukraine. Wide database, responsible approach of the employees, large experience of participation in the program ensures that all the wishes of the client in this case will be taken into consideration.

How to draw up a contract correctly?

Legal regulation of surrogacy in Ukraine still needs to be improved and clarified. That is why its competent legal support is so important. Applying to the surrogacy agency Delivering Dreams, you can count on clear compliance with the obligations undertaken by both parties. A sample surrogacy contract is carefully studied by each of the parties, all the nuances are explained by the competent specialists. Before signing the final document, all controversial points are clarified and any information about the legal activities of the center is provided.

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