Indoor Plants Cleaning 

Indoor plants make our homes more beautiful and provide us with toxic-free air.  But these plants need proper care for them to flourish and serve us in the right way. They change the whole appeal of our homes and are pleasing to the eyes. Some indoor plants have medicinal properties and can act as bug repellants. They also aid in the removal of pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. By avoiding some bad cleaning habits, you can keep your plants and home clean to get all these benefits. So, let’s look at some tips to clean them.

Wash the Plant With Spray Nozzle

This method is for cleaning large to medium house plants. Wash the leaves by spraying the water into them, this will clean them and wash the dirt accumulated away. The water should not be too hot or cold. And you have to give some support to the plant. This should be carried out every 2 weeks.

Mist With a Spray Bottle

For plants that are not that strong for a spray nozzle, a gentle mist with a spray bottle is preferred. Succulents and cactus are examples of plants which need mist spray.

Dunk the Plant in the Water

Smaller plants can be cleaned by dunking them in the water keeping the base of the plant away from the water, by upside-down motion. Watering the soil before this method will reduce the risk of soil falling out of the pot or else you can plastic wrap the base. Use lukewarm water for this purpose. Dry the leaves before placing them back in their original position.

Wipe the Leaves

For plants that are very large and hard to move, you can just take some time and wipe the dirt off the leaves one by one. This works well with plants that have got fewer leaves. For cleaning such a large area you can also hire cleaning companies.

Use a Soft Brush

Some plants, don’t do well when their leaves get wet. For such plants, we can use a dry soft brush. Brush the dust and dirt off the leaves slowly.


Repotting should be done in regular intervals for the healthy growth of the plant. This will also help the plant by not allowing harmful pests and bugs from living inside the pot. Moving or repotting the plant to a bigger pot will also give it more space to grow and flourish.

Ice Cube Watering

This will prevent the moisture from gathering and will stop mold spores and other such fungi from growing in the pot.

These will help you make your home a better place for indoor plants. Also, make sure to keep your home free from dust to keep your plants healthy. Sometimes keeping your home dust free is not that easy. But you can make it easy by reaching out to home cleaning experts in your locality. Try to spend some time trimming your plants in case of yellowing leaves or some other infections. There are also products available for treating such problems. But do a bit of research before using such products as they might be harmful to kids, pets or yourselves. Hope these methods will have an impact on your lives. Having more indoor plants will make your life richer.