Exotic plants seller in India – Birthright

Whatever be your home decor style, plants can liven up your home. They inject a sense of warmth, freshness, health and wellbeing in a home. If you are new to housing exotic plants, know about them and their maker in this piece.

We use many things to style our homes and adding plants to the mix is one simple and affordable option. Plants purify the air that we breathe, help in reducing stress and support good health. While plants can instantly brighten up your space, choosing the right household plants can be tricky. You must know the kind of plants that can be kept indoors and outdoors, how to care for them, and how long they take to grow. 

Below is some information on Birthright, the exotic plants brand by the multi-business corporate, DS Group and how to care for exotic plants in India.

Birthright by DS Group

Birthright by DS Group is India’s leading garden centre to buy top-rated, imported, exotic plants, planters and garden accessories. The first-of-its-kind brand in India, Birthright, makes available to Indians exotic plants and trees from around the world. It is also the largest garden centre in the country, with a mindblowing repository of ornamental plants and garden accessories sourced from across continents. 

The garden centre is located on a farm stretched out over 14 acres near IGI Airport New Delhi. The farm has a well laid-out display centre where you can see a variety of exotic plants. The range of stunning plants include blooming plants, trees, bonsais, air purifiers, cactus and succulent plants among others. You can use them for home decor, landscaping, gifting or to bring to life an indoor garden with rare, exotic plants. 

Plants offered by Birthright

You have a variety of exotic and rare plants to choose from at Birthright. You can take advice about the distinct characteristics of the plants, their care requirements and choose from rare bonsais, flowering plants, succulents, exotic trees and cactus among other plant types at Birthright. Birthright experts can guide you in adding a refreshing vibe to your workspaces and homes.

Discover the best selection of rare plants for your garden at Birthright. The brand specialises in garden landscaping and focuses on custom-grown plants. The professional assistance provided by Birthright in garden designing can help you create an adequately-managed space with aesthetically-crafted greenery. The best plants you can use for landscaping are exotic trees, cactus, rare bonsais, flowering plants, succulents, etc. Instil the positive vibe and refreshing aura of greenery to your space with the unmatchable expertise of Birthright.

Lack of space won’t be an issue when you buy indoor plants online as they can adjust elegantly to any space. In fact, having a houseplant in your bedroom is as engaging as it is enticing. You can observe the plant grow each day and feel the magnetic change. You can start your day afresh with the positivity of succulent plants in your home. Having a green corner in your home is definitely a luxury for the soul and the mind and you know whom to contact to bring home the best quality plants for home décor.

How to nurture Exotic Plants in India?

When you add indoor plants to your home decor, you also have to keep a watch over and take care of them. They can keep you engaged and help you improve your gardening skills. Learn the basics of how to nurture indoor plants with the below pointers.

  1. Know your plants: Tropical plants grow well in warm and humid environments, and India’s climate is perfect for them to easily thrive. But, your home cannot provide all that the plant requires. So, when you know all about your plants before choosing them, you can better take care of them and see them thrive.
  2. Water them adequately: It is said that you must keep your pot moist, but not wet. Too dry or even over-watered soil can damage the roots of your plant and prevent it from budding.
  3. House a pot with a good drainage system: Healthy houseplants require a good drainage system. As watering a plant to extremities can harm or kill it, you must make sure that your pot has drainage holes at its base.
  4. Give them adequate exposure to sunlight: Similar to watering, every plant has different sunlight needs. Know if your plant needs direct sunshine or an indirect specific amount of sunlight and position it accordingly.
  5. Ensure adequate humidity level: Low humidity can cause your plant to sag, brown its leaves and grow poor flower buds. Our indoors are usually drier, especially in winters when the humidity level drops. In such a case, you can use a humidifier or group the plants together by putting them in trays with pebbles among other measures.
  6. Potting soils and fertilisers: Watering washes away the nutrients from the soil. Even plants can consume all the nutrients from their soil. You can add potting soils and fertilisers to ensure optimum nutrient levels for your home plant.

DS Group’s initiative to sustain greenery in India

DS Group is taking huge strides towards sustainability. The DS Group Headquarters has recently been awarded the LEED Platinum certification for being a green building. Also, the Group launched a water economic zone in Madhya Pradesh in 2022. Thus, apart from venturing into exotic green plant business with Birthright, the Group is taking new and focused initiatives to sustain greenery in the country.