Why Was Your Amazon Account Suspended And How To Re-Access It?

An Amazon seller account can be suspended for different reasons, and they are usually related to the products that the seller is selling over the platform. In case of a suspension, what are the necessary steps to bring back the account to normal conditions? Keep reading this article to know.

What Are The Different Reasons Behind An Amazon Suspended Account?

Following are the most common reasons why your Amazon seller account is suspended:

Creating Two Or Multiple Seller Accounts

An Amazon seller cannot have two or multiple seller accounts for the same product type. It is considered a violation of Amazon’s policy. However, if the seller has already received approval for the same from Amazon, the account will not be suspended. Having multiple accounts is also justified in case of different lines of products to be sold. 

Some sellers often open a new account right after their old version is suspended. If this is the case, the new one will also be stopped after it is brought to notice by Amazon. 

Amazon Standards For Product Quality

Amazon has specific laid down standards for the quality of products. Selling low-quality products by using misleading seller descriptions and pictures can land a seller into a lot of trouble. 

Amazon Policy Infringement

Abiding by the national laws related to copyrights and trademarks is a must to be a seller on Amazon. Using copyrighted pictures for your products or fake trademarks will be considered an infringement of intellectual property laws.

Other policy violations include fake positive reviews, deleting customer reviews in order to misguide people, fake accounts for ratings, etc. 

How To Place An Amazon Suspension Appeal?

Now that we know all the reasons behind an Amazon suspended account let us understand how to plead an appeal for the same. Go through your account and find out why it was broken, and then prepare an Amazon suspension appeal.

Knowing the exact reason behind the suspension will help you a lot to create a good impression in front of the personnel. After formulating a proper appeal, write to the organization for the same. Contact them pleading your case, stating that you’ll be careful enough and follow all the policies framed by the platform.

How To Appeal To Amazon? 

When you have formed a proper plan of action (POA) for being vigilant in the future, open the suspension notice sent by Amazon and click on appeal. Now, type the entire POA and also enter your contact information in the same application. The authorities can call you if they need any more information from you. 


Another most common reason why Amazon suspends an account is the seller’s performance. If a seller has abysmal reviews or ratings over the platform, it indicates that their products, after-sales service, or marketing policy are flawed. An Amazon suspended account can be reactivated by properly appealing to the organization as per the above steps. I hope this article helps you out.