Understanding Solid and Engineered Flooring Better

Bamboo is said to be the world’s largest species of grass when it is in its natural state. A tubular and tall bamboo plant has a hard outer cover that makes it work well for few flooring applications. 

In modern flooring, bamboo is first processed in different ways, although solid bamboos have their place in the modified form. 

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Solid bamboo flooring: 

Flooring done with solid bamboo will give the most natural look possible. The surface of this material has extremely rich features and the most interesting pattern. Solid bamboo flooring looks amazing in the bedroom, living room, dens, home office, and can also be used as kitchen flooring if it is taken care of well and precautions are applied. It shouldn’t be used in the washroom or basement.

  • Process of manufacturing

The first step followed in manufacturing is, to slice the stalk of grass down turning it into very tiny pieces. The bamboo skin is removed and later on, it is boiled with boric acid. The process kills any kind of bacteria or microorganisms that can be lurking in the bamboo, and also gets rid of any lingering starches that are remaining.

Each slice is then layered with a specific bonding agent and is adhered along with solid pieces using heat and pressure. The order in which the individual chips get lined up decides the final appearance of the flooring. The two forms are flat grain and vertical grain.

Once the dried material is sanded, they get a smooth and even surface. Finally, it gets sanded once again to get the final product.

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Engineered bamboo floors 

Engineered flooring looks like it is made up of solid pieces of bamboo, there are quite a few pieces used in it. The flooring planks contain a thin natural bamboo layer stuck on the backing layer, which is finished with a wear coating. It gets extremely stable and easy to maintain engineered flooring. It looks natural and without any of the concerns.

It is often available in click-together tiles and planks, it can get installed easily and individual tiles can be replaced if there are any damages. If the engineered bamboo is installed well and maintained, then it can be great for any spot both below and on top of any building or home. You may want to get your hands on the thicker wear layer being in a high traffic environment. 

Process of manufacturing

It is created in a similar way as solid strand woven bamboo. However, in this case, instead of solid bamboo flooring plank, thin veneer layers get cut from the molded blocks of bamboo. This thin sheet of processed bamboo is later on bonded with the layer at the bottom of cross-laminated fiberboard or plywood. A clear ware layer is used on the natural ply layer and a waterproofing agent is applied to the bottom of the sheet from these prepared sheets, these are ready for sale.

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