Few Benefits Of Servicing Your Airconditioner Unit

If you are using your air conditioning unit regularly, then it needs regular servicing at a certain frequency to enable it to provide you with cool air during hot summer season.

Since there are quite a few moving parts that may wear off and needs lubrication. There can be dust in the environment that can clog your filter and external unit. Besides that, the water pan through which condensed water drains out may develop mould and mildew if it is not regularly cleaned.

Aircon Servicing is one of the best aircon servicing Singapore companies whom you may contact for the servicing of your air conditioner and a few services like filter cleaning or replacing can also be done in a DIY way too.

Many functions will be included in the service procedure to ensure that you’re A/C system remains functional and intact.

Many steps can be included in the servicing process, each focusing on a different aspect of your setup:

  • Checking the air filter – The air filter should be replaced regularly to guarantee that outside particles and debris do not get into your vents. If you see a dark hue in the body of your air filter, it’s time to replace it.
  • Cleaning the coil present inside the A/C system — A professional can clean the dust and dirt from the coil fitted inside the air conditioning system. A clean coil will ensure that your HVAC system runs more efficiently. It promotes appropriate ventilation and drainage.
  • Condensate pump cleaning – The condensate pump will collect condensation from chilled air. A clogged pump will gather extra condensate and cause sludge to form. A clean pump allows moisture to pass through while also preventing the pump’s quality from being influenced.
  • Examining the wiring — Some wires or components in the air conditioning system may rub against one another. If the increased stress or pressure from the wiring isn’t managed properly, it could be dangerous.

The Following Are The Few Benefits Of Regularly Cleaning And Servicing Your A/C Unit.

  • Maintain The Cleanliness Of You’re A/C Unit

By regular cleaning and servicing you can ensure that both your inside and outside unit will remain clean and offer clean cool air.

  • The Air Filter Will Remain Clean And Provide Clean Air

The air filter is most likely to attract dust and may get clogged. Regular cleaning will ensure a clean filter and offer you clean/cool air.

  • Condensing Unit Of Your Outside Unit Will Remain Clean

The outside will always collect dust and needs thorough cleaning for better performance.

  • Proper Airflow Will Be Maintained

You can ensure proper with regular cleaning and inspection.

  • Can Properly Switch From Cooling To Heating Mode

Switching between cooling to heating mode will be smooth with regular servicing.

  • No Corrosion Will Take Place

With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that no internal parts will get corroded in due course of time.

It is therefore suggested that during summer season, your air conditioner unit must be cleaned and serviced after every 3 months. If you are not using your A/C unit too frequently then also you must service it before the summer season starts.

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