4 Sites To Convert Files Online And Free

Who among you has never had to convert files from one format to another? It is a practice that occurs almost daily, especially if we also use the computer for work. To make things easier, we mistakenly end up downloading software to convert our files and – if the sources are no longer safe – we risk finding unwanted malware as well. In the long run, this method could not only prove tedious and cumbersome but would expose us to the danger of exposing our sensitive data. The good news is that, however, there is a more effective, quick and painless method to carry out the procedure: just arm yourself with a web browser, type one of the sites below in the search bar and follow the instructions step by step. So let’s find out which are the best free sites to convert files online, depending on your needs.

1. AnyConv

AnyConv is perhaps the most reliable and complete site for online file conversion. I mainly use it to convert images from webp to jpg but you can use it for any type of document: images, text, audio, video, ebooks and many others. Thanks to its database of 400 recognized formats, it is practically impossible that you cannot convert your files. The only limit is the file size, i.e. maximum 100 MB. Its interface is very intuitive: upload the file, choose the desired format. And all this without having to register.

2. Cloud Convert

Another excellent resource is Cloud Convert. Despite recognizing only 208 types of files, against the 350 of AnyConv, with the free account you can upload individual files up to 1 GB and decide to save them automatically, at the end of the procedure, in a cloud of your choice between Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. In addition, the interface is equally intuitive but even more appealing.

3. Online-Convert

Generally, AnyConv and Cloud Convert are the best tools, especially if we don’t have particular needs. Otherwise, the site that’s right for us is Online-Convert. As soon as we start the conversion, Online-Convert offers the possibility to express some preferences. For example, if you are converting a FLAC audio file to MP3, you can set 320 as the desired bitrate. Again, like Zamzar, we can upload a file up to 100 MB, otherwise we will have to upgrade the account.

4. Small PDF

Small PDF is a very useful tool when it comes to editing PDF files. For example, if we have to correct something, or merge two PDFs into one, with Small PDF we can transform our starting document into .jpg, .doc and Excel. After editing, you can re-transform the new document into another PDF file.

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