Astrology: Know Your Future With Kundli

Meta: Here we will discuss why it is essential to consult your Kundli; how does the Kundli predict our future? 

We all know that Astrology is a prevalent and widely practised science. It has been around since ancient times and has come a long way. However, many people don’t know how to read their Kundlis or what they can do with them. 

In what way can they affect my life? Astrologer online consulting, And much more! How will be your married life? What do the planetary positions in front of you tell about?

Why do we need to consult the Kundli

The Kundli is a chart that gives you the position of the planets in your horoscope. It can tell you about your future and how it will affect your life.

It is essential to know what type of work you want to do because, according to Kundli, we have our strengths and weaknesses as well as our likes and dislikes. You can always consult an astrologer online if you don’t have to visit one.

How does the Kundli predict our future?

The Kundli is a tool that predicts your future based on the positions of the planets in your natal chart. The position of each planet at their own house and their home and sign (1st house) will be analyzed to see what fate you have been given.

Will I marry the person I love?

The answer will depend on the planetary positions if you are in love with someone and want to marry them. The moon’s parts, Jupiter and Venus, are essential for marriage. The Sun’s position is also crucial for love, but it doesn’t play a necessary role in determining if one person will marry another.

If you have a horoscope like this:

How will be my married life?

The question of, how will your married life be? It can be answered by astrology. Astrology is a science which studies the movements of celestial bodies and their effects on people, animals and plants. It helps us to understand our past lives, predict future events & make decisions based on our horoscopes.

It’s also an excellent way to know what kind of person you’re getting into marriage with-or if it’s worth continuing at all!

What is the meaning of the planetary positions in front of me on the Kundli chart?

The planetary positions in front of you on the Kundli chart are often a great way to understand your natal chart and how it relates to each other. Below are some common meanings, but remember that there are others. This can help you better understand how planets affect your personality and life path.

What are the planets exactly telling me about?

The planets are the indicators of your personality, behaviour and relationships. They tell you about your character and conduct. The planets also help predict financial matters such as property purchase or sale, investments, etc., and health issues like allergies or other illnesses.

Planets are also important when it comes to career forecasting because they reflect our life experiences which help us make decisions at work or elsewhere based on past experiences that we have had with certain people (or things).

In what way can they affect my life?

The planets have a substantial impact on our life. Depending on their position in your Kundli, they can be beneficial or detrimental to us.

When the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are in an exemplary configuration (or aspect), it’s usually good for you because they help you get what you want from life. On the other hand, if one of these three planets is not present or has been overpowered by another planet such as Saturn or Uranus, it can be bad for your health and well-being. However, even if this happens, there are still some ways in which the influence of each planet can be neutralized through certain rituals and practices that help balance out their energy with yours so that neither party gets too much power over each other’s lives!

The answers to all these questions can be found through knowing your Kundli.

Kundli is a map of your life.

It’s a map of your future, and it’s also a map of your present. You can use it to find out what you need to do for you to achieve happiness or success in any given area of your life. It’s also helpful in predicting events like marriage, birth, and death!

You should speak with an astrologer; if you can’t find one in your area, try consulting an astrologer online


So, the next time you are confused about your future, consult the Kundli. It will surely help you find answers to your queries and lead a prosperous life. There are several online astrologer apps where we can make Kundi anywhere at any time.