Some Important Tips For Your Perfect Beach Photoshoot Session

If you are looking for beach photography for your family, then Destin is the right place for you. Emerald coast is one such place where you can get the perfect backdrop, with scenic sunrises and sunsets, rolling white sand, and crystal-clear emerald water that can let you have those memorable pictures forever.

Apart from just enjoying the photo session, Destin is also a place where you can spend those amazing afternoons with your family. Splashing water together, matching up with the outfits and all the fun that you can have together will make this session unforgettable. For a good Destin Florida Photographeryou can contact Sutton B Photography. She is one of the best photographers, and photography is not only her job but her passion too. Every one of her clients gives feedback saying that she is very patient and does her work at its best.

Beach Photography

Beach photography doesn’t always have to be about taking photos, but it is one great way to have fun with your family together including occasions like the engagement party, graduation day, baby announcements, and many more. So along with making memories with that happy photoshoot, you are also going to have a pleasurable day with a good bonding with each other. 

Special Occasions: At Destin beach, you can have the perfect photography for your special occasions like surprise engagements, baby announcements, engagement photoshoots, maternity shoots, bachelorette trips, and many more.

Family Portraits: With photoshoots, you can have the whole family together. At beaches, you can have the best family photography all in the same shades or the same clothing. You can cherish these pictures forever and see your family grow together

Memorable day: At Destin beach, you can have the whole family having fun and enjoyment together. Enjoying your day at a beach would include spending time splashing water, making sand castles, and laughing and smiling together. This whole fun can be captured and can be remembered lifetime.


When you are planning for beach photography, here are the certain steps that you need to take for a perfect photoshoot.

  • Location: The initial step is to identify a perfect location for your photoshoot. You would need a place, which has a good view plus where you can have a peaceful time with your family. Somewhere that is not crowded and you face no parking issues. Amenities are also very important, so look out for something that can give you a trailer hookup and a nature walk. For example, you got a Crystal beach in Destin that is gorgeous enough for a beautiful photoshoot. 
  • Clothing: When it comes to clothing it is always recommended to do cloth coordination. For beach photography, something like blue or earth tones would look better. Change of clothes in-between shoots will not be feasible so avoid doing that. You can match it up with some good accessories to compliment your look. Make sure that you wear something comfortable as you will have to walk around the beach and will be a tiring day too for you.
  • Styling: Beaches are a very windy place. With this, your hair can get messy and you may look weird in the pictures. Thus, it is always recommended that you take some extra effort to get your hair and make-up done. one reason is you will be stunning and the pictures will come good that will make you feel happy even some years down the line.
  • Rehearsal: Yes this is for your poses. When you try and practice posing at home before the session, you will be confident enough during the photoshoot. Also, you will know better which side of yours or which angle looks better for you. To make you less conscious you can try some angles at home and check which one would look much better on you. Sometimes the best pose which photographers like is just walking around the beach casually and just being yourself.
  • Props: This goes well in every photoshoot. Props are something that defines you and tells who you are. You can bring it yourself or you can ask the photographer to get some. Props go well when there is a gender reveal or when you have small kids with whom you are taking pictures. Try anything that will make you feel happy after looking at the pictures.
  • Arrive early: One of the most important things that you might need to do for a beach session is to arrive early. Especially when you need a sunset beach session then you have only limited time to adjust everything on time. If you have bigger family members to shoot then you need to incorporate all of them so that everyone gets a chance for the shoot. Destin has very bad traffic at 5 p.m. and it is too much during the summer season. Thus, you should look out for the correct time and arrange everything beforehand to avoid any hassle. 

Tips for handling kids for the photoshoot

Kids are one of the most difficult ones to handle during the photoshoot. They become bored and irritated very quickly. Thus, it is better that you prepare them ahead. Here are some tips for the same:

  • Make them wear comfortable clothes
  • Let them take a proper nap before the photoshoot so that they are calm and cheerful throughout the session
  • Try to take their pictures first because they might get disinterested later.
  • Get their props or toy and let them enjoy on the sand. You might get some good candid pictures during this playful mood. 
  • Feed them well so that they don’t get cranky during the shoot.
  • If you want to make them cheerful, play with them and make them happy by telling them jokes or good stories.
  • If you have an infant, you will get a chance to feed them and get some nap time in between. 

General tips

  • When you wish to have some poses to be shot, communicate this to your photographer beforehand.
  • Avoid playing in the water, till the time you want to get it shot by the photographer
  • Relax and enjoy this session without any stress

For any such photo sessions, always remember to book this beforehand to get the best photographer for your work. 


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