Why look for solace in things that don’t serve you? Happiness comes from your mindset


It’s easy to forget that happiness comes from within, rather than from external things that we can buy or achieve. Finding happiness is not a goal, it’s a realisation that we were born happy.

Why do we look for solace in things that don’t serve us?

Self- sabotaging thoughts, behaviours, or habits plague us when we are afraid of being alone.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people become addicted to their phones, why they constantly check social media, and why they keep crappy jobs that make them miserable. We are conditioned to think this way because our society has trained us to believe that we need something outside ourselves to make us happy.

What if there were no such thing as a happy life, and instead, it was an ongoing effort to find peace in yourself and your surroundings?

To find happiness within yourself, it is imperative to look inward. You need to find the beauty within yourself and joy in the little things that you do.

Develop Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have because finding happiness in the ‘now’ is sometimes more difficult than finding new things or experiences. Thus, you should also find a way to appreciate where you are right now.

If cultivating gratitude seems like a big mindset shift to make, start small by taking a few minutes each morning and paying attention to the little things that make your life pleasant and beautiful. It can be as seemingly trivial as your first cup of coffee or as significant as getting that dream project.

Make a change

Understand that changing your life is not going to happen overnight. It will take time, but if you work with a mental performance coach, and develop a plan for yourself that fits your needs, then change is indeed possible.

Having a life coach in Melbourne can also help you get personal assistance when you encounter setbacks and blocks.

Follow your bliss

Many of us can relate to a feeling of wanting something more out of life. We often find ourselves stuck in situations where we feel like we don’t belong, even though we may really enjoy certain aspects of our job or relationship. This happens because our daily grind is not balanced with activities that bring them bliss.

It may look like pursuing things for leisure is a matter of luxury, but the fact remains that it is a matter of perspective and priorities. EROS (activities that bring your closer to your blissful and joyous state) are a must for your inner child.

Most of us are obsessed with productivity and hustle and we forget that rest, rejuvenation and play are equally important for us to feel at peace with life. And, peace is non-negotiable in life!


It can be tempting to look for happiness outside of yourself. You might find it in your relationships, material possessions, or even in how you look. But deep down, you know that none of those things can make you truly happy.

The truth is that no one else has the power to create that feeling within us—it lies within ourselves and our own minds.

If you are eager for change or overwhelmed because of constantly chasing external goals, this is the time to work a life coach in Melbourne. You may find clarity, direction, and reliability in a coaching relationship.

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