What types of items are transported by heavy haulage companies?

At a glance:

  • As businesses grow and expand, the requirement for delivering large and heavy things grows as well.
  • These transportation techniques require specific gear and experience to ensure safe delivery.
  • Next time you need to move something heavy, consider partnering with a reputable heavy haulage in Australia.

As businesses grow and expand, the need for transporting large and heavy items becomes frequent. In order to get industrial machinery, construction equipment, or even entire offshore oil rigs from point A to point B, heavy haulage companies are crucial.

But what exactly can heavy haulage companies in Australia transport? In this article, we’ll explore the different types of heavy haulage transport and the items that can be moved.

Types of Heavy Haulage Transport

Moving enormous, overweight, and expensive cargo is the area of expertise for a heavy haulage company. To ensure a delivery that is both safe and effective, these transport methods need particular tools and knowledge.

Oversized Loads: These are goods that are too large or heavy to be transported on public roadways according to the law. Examples include prefabricated buildings, wind turbines, and large-scale industrial elements.

Overweight loads: These objects weigh more than what is permitted for a certain vehicle or trailer. Oversized trucks, boats, storage tanks, offshore oil rigs, and platforms are a few examples.

High-value Loads: Because of their great worth, some commodities need special handling. Examples include delicate electrical components, rare or expensive minerals, and industrial gear and equipment.

List of Items Transported

Companies that specialise in heavy hauling move a variety of goods for various sectors. Some examples of items that can be relocated include the following:

Industrial machinery and equipment: This category comprises substantial equipment used in manufacturing, processing, and other industrial purposes. Conveyor systems, commercial ovens, and printing presses are just a few examples.

Construction equipment: Bulldozers, cranes, excavators, and other large pieces of equipment needed in construction projects can all be moved by heavy haulage in Australia.

Vehicles and Boats: Heavy haulage companies can move oversized automobiles, including buses, recreational vehicles, and military vehicles, as well as yachts and boats.

Wind turbines and other large-scale power generators: As the need for renewable energy rises, heavy haulage firms are being called upon more frequently to transport wind turbines, solar panels, and other power generators.

Prefabricated Structures: These are prefabricated buildings and modules that are shipped in parts and put together on location. Examples include office buildings, schools, and modular homes.

Large-scale manufacturing components: Heavy haulage businesses are capable of transporting massive manufacturing components needed in the manufacture of automobiles, aircraft, and other complex machinery.

Oversized Storage Tanks and Vessels: These are employed in a number of sectors, including water treatment, chemical manufacture, and the oil and gas industry.

Offshore Oil Rigs and Platforms: Heavy haulage companies in Australia are capable of moving full offshore oil rigs and platforms, including drilling gear and living quarters.


In conclusion, heavy haulage companies are essential for moving enormous, overweight, and expensive goods between various industries. Companies specialising in heavy haulage have the tools and knowledge to move even the most difficult goods, such as industrial machinery and offshore oil rigs. Therefore, to ensure a secure delivery the next time you need to move something large and heavy, consider partnering with a reputable heavy haulage in Australia for safe and efficient delivery.