Pooja is a traditional custom and ritual performed by worshippers to make peace with the forces of the world. Pooja is an act to display our respect for God by offering flowers, prayers and songs. It erases sadness from our lives and enhances spiritual growth. When we perform pooja, we will get positive thoughts and invite good spirits. It is a ceremony that we offer in return for God’s blessings.

Pooja is a weapon that crushes all negative spirits and brings peace and prosperity to our lives. You can perform pooja in a big temple or your house with pictures of Gods and statues. While performing pooja, we chant the ‘Gayathri Manthra’, the queen of all Vedas. The Gayathri mantra also destroys all sins and evil. We can connect with God through an object or an element of nature like a sculpture, vessel, painting or print.

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  • It helps us with spiritual development.
  • It assists us in being connected with heavenly forces.
  • We would be blessed abundantly by The Almighty.
  • God will gift us with good health and mental peace.
  • The Almighty will bless us with significant knowledge and wisdom.
  • They instil good habits and virtues in us.
  • Good things will happen to us when we do pooja.
  • It gives us a powerful mindset.
  • They give us a purpose and order in our lives.


  1. Abishekam: Wash the Deity with holy water
  2. Anulepana or Gandh: Sandalwood paste or vermillion is given to the idol with scents such as ittars.
  3. Arghya: The Deity washes Their mouth with holy water.
  4. Asana: We offer a seat to the Deity.
  5. Dhupa: The next step is to light up the incense sticks.
  6. Aarthi or Dipa: We burn oil or ghee lamps for the Deity.
  7. Invocation: Next, we invite the Deity to our home.
  8. Naivedya: Food offerings like cooked rice, butter, sugar and betel leaf. Also, we exchange devotional sentiments.
  9. Pranama or Namashkara: We bow down to the Deity to show our respect and chant mantras that are dedicated to them.
  10. Pradakshana: We go in a circular motion around the Deity chanting mantras.
  11. Pushpa:  Offering colourful flowers is an essential step while performing pooja.
  12. Mangalasuthra or Upaveetha: A sacred thread worn by the devotees around their necks.
  13. Vasthra: A sanctified and pure piece of clothing is to be worn by the Deity.
  14. Aabarana: Decorate the Deity with shimmering jewellery and gorgeous ornaments.
  15. Achaman: Offer water to the Deity.
  16. Chamaram: A chamaram is used to fan the Deity.
  17. Chatham: Offering an umbrella to the Deity.
  18. Visarjana: We move the Deity from the seat.


  • Kalash
  • Coconut
  • Kumkum
  • Water
  • Flowers
  • Chandan
  • Betel leaves

These are the items required to perform pooja in your house or in a temple.

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