What happened after my Rhinoplasty?

One of the most painful experiences you can ever get is having your nose broken. I don’t remember exactly what went wrong, but all I remember is that when I was at school, we used to have a sports session. One day, we had to play basketball, in order to learn the technique and try to play a match together.

I didn’t know exactly what I should do, so I was standing there, watching my friends playing, and suddenly, without noticing, my friend throw the ball towards me and it hits my face directly. I still remember till now how I felt that day.

My sports teacher immediately took me to the nurse at school, who helped me stop the bleeding, but she advised me to go to the hospital so they can check if I need surgery or not. The school management called my parents, who came immediately and took me to Novomed clinic in dubai.

The ENT doctor in the emergency room checked my nose, and he noticed that a bone was broken. In order to make sure, he requested an X-ray, and the nurse there helped me do the screening. When the doctor saw the photo, he explained to my parents that I will have a deviated nose, but he can’t do anything due to my age, and I will have to wait until 18 to get my nose done.

Meanwhile, he advised my parents to pay attention to the way I breathe, and if any complication occurs, they should call the doctor immediately. During the last years, I hated sports and tried to avoid them, but when I become 18 years old, my parents took me to the doctor, who checked my nose again, and asked for more medical tests, to make sure that I am healthy.

At that moment, he assured my parents that I can undergo a rhinoplasty in dubai clinic, which can help treat my deviation and get my nose shape restored. I was very excited to have my nose done, so we booked an appointment for the rhinoplasty surgery, and the plastic surgeon explained to me that I don’t need to be afraid or worry because everything will be okay.

On the day of the surgery, the doctor was there to encourage me, and the staff really supported me. The surgery went well, and the recovery was very smooth thanks to the doctor’s instructions.

I am very thankful to the doctor and Novomed for helping me regain my nose shape!