What Do Doves Stand For at Funerals?

As the number of Covid-related deaths continues to climb, ceremonial cremation systems have become increasingly popular in Baltimore County, MD, as more and more families choose cremation over traditional burials. Cremation has surpassed burials nationally for the past four years, but Maryland has trailed somewhat behind, according to NFDA data. According to the association, cremation will be the most common choice in Baltimore County, Maryland, for the first time, at 50%. Whatever one chooses, a funeral should celebrate the person’s spirit and their unique significance in the lives of their loved ones. Several approaches to funeral planning allow for this degree of personalization while also celebrating the person’s life and legacy. For example, a funeral dove release in Baltimore County, MD, symbolizes a final parting between loved ones and the departed. 

The release of doves could be the ideal way to honor a loved one. The following material explains the significance of releasing doves at a funeral, as well as the costs and repercussions of the tradition.

What Do Doves Stand For at Funerals?

White doves are often seen as emblems of purity, peace, and freedom in various circumstances. This extremely happy image takes on a deeper meaning in the context of dove release during funerals.  When doves are unleashed at funerals, it might represent the release of a loved one’s presence on Earth by family and friends. This technique may potentially mark the beginning of the mourning process. Family and friends may visualize their loved one’s spirit flying free from the bonds of disease, old age, or problems they endured during their life as the doves take to the skies from their basket.

How Many Doves Should Be Set Free?

It’s worth mentioning that the significance of the dove release might vary depending on the number of doves released. For example, releasing just one dove can symbolize the person’s soul embarking on a new path.

On the other hand, two doves might signify the deceased being led by a spirit guide to what awaits them in the afterlife. Finally, a greater gathering of doves at a funeral can be seen as a commemoration of the person’s life.

Is it Expensive to Release a White Dove?

Depending on the funeral budget, the dove release may be the finest option for you or a loved one. The number of doves, along with any décor, music, or props will directly impact the pricing. A pair of doves will typically cost about $150, with some companies providing alternative bundles.

The doves are usually released from woven baskets provided in the package. Sometimes, family members can free a couple of doves before the main dove is released. Allowing close family and friends to free the doves adds another layer of connection to the ritual, making it even more significant. White dove release prices range from roughly $100 for a single bird to $250+ for many doves.

Are White Doves Related to Religion?

Another factor that makes a funeral dove release in Baltimore County, MD, appropriate for funerals is that doves are significant in many religions. They are not more closely identified with one religion or faith than another. As a result, white doves have become universal symbols of peace, hope, and holiness for all.

However, depending on each person’s religious affiliation, a dove release could have a different meaning for different funerals. White doves, for example, are frequently used to represent the Holy Ghost in Christianity. White doves indicate divine intervention and aid in Islam, whereas they are signals of robust vitality in Judaism. 

Each consideration can help determine whether a dove release is appropriate for your or a loved one’s memorial service. Consider your finances, the number of doves you can arrange to release, and if a dove release will fit the funeral’s tone. A funeral dove release in Baltimore County, MD, can be a powerful way of engaging close family and friends if you want to incorporate an interactive experience in the service. Furthermore, freeing a dove — or numerous doves — could be a peaceful way to begin the healing process for everyone present. A white dove release could be the perfect way to include a symbol of hope, purity, love, and freedom into your service.