Ways to Deal with Appetite Loss in Aging Parents?

Do you know that 70% of aging parents say that difficulty with less appetite is normal? It is indicated by CDC authority that it is normal in elderly people’s life. 

Generally, there may be some indications that are connected with the health conditions of your parents. 

However, it is important to give your parents proper nutrients in order to maintain their cognitive, physical, and emotional health. 

You can give those Sheepskin seat covers or a bag full of snacks. But can you motivate yourself to have a proper diet?

FACT: Aging people need to concentrate on their daily consuming amount of meals. So whether your parents start ignoring their meals or avoid taking the proper nutrition they need, then you need to concentrate on this matter.

However, here we will discuss the reasons behind the loss of appetite while aging.

What May Cause of Appetite while Aging?

There may be several aging-related causes that are connected with the loss of appetite. Moreover, there are several Health Care concerns connected, and they could be the reason if your aging parents refuse to eat proper nutrition food. 

If you notice that your parents start ignoring the meal and losing their appetite day by day, then you need to make sure that they are okay.

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FACT: As per the research, Emma Bardwell claims that almost 65% of aging people are at higher risk of health problems and malnutrition in poor eating habits. Perhaps many nutritionists guide them to take proper nutrition daily.

Further, we will discuss the main causes of concern with the loss of appetite. 

Moreover, you need to focus on these 5 causes that are connected with the loss of appetite while aging and how many people show diverse signs. 

These typical causes include:

Typical Causes



Less Metabolic Rate Decrease in proper metabolic rate and lower physical activity. It indicates that your parents intake fewer calories than they might need in their daily routine. 6 out of 10 people encounter this problem.
Less Tasty Food Changes in taste and sense of smell may be the reason that makes food less tasty. However, we lose the potential of our taste buds as we age with time. 70% of the agent people almost lose their taste buds working at the age of 65. 4 out of 10 people the age above 55 show this symptom. 
Dental or Gastric Problem  Gastric issues or dental problems could be the major reasons behind the loss of appetite. Gastric changes can make the eating habit and system uncomfortable. That could be the reason your parents started ignoring eating proper food. 8 out of 10 people deal with gastric or dental issues. 
Unable to Make Meal The inability to make meals properly could be the reason that seniors avoid eating food. Moreover, it is especially for those seniors who live all alone and face difficulty while cooking and using any kitchen appliance to make food. 2-3 % of people refuse or are unlikely to make meals. 
Change in Daily Routine  Changes in their routine day work can also cause confusion and this comfort while eating food. Most people feel discomfort because of their bad routines. 

Things to Notice in Your Parent’s Routine:

Before going to adopt any strategy to maintain the appetite of your parents you need to take notice of your parent’s routine. 

Eve Kalinik guides everyone to become much more involved in their life to notice every single change and routine habit. 

Moreover, the whole scenario will allow you to check if they are dealing with any Healthcare concerns. Loss of appetite in aging can also start happening with the combination of several illnesses. It might include:

  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson
  • Neck and Head corner
  • Infection in the mouth and periodontal disease
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Dysfunction in the Salivary gland

Tips for Caregivers to deal with Loss of Appetite in Their Parent’s Routine:

Most of the time, simple changes in their life can make a white difference. However, that’s why we suggest five recommended tips that allow you to encourage your aging parent to bring their appetite into a normal routine like before. 

All of these tips and ideas are provided by expert observation and experience.

  • Give Them a Snack and Meal Time Regularly:

Do you know that sometimes eating parents show mood swings while eating food daily? Moreover, they get irritated while eating food at the same time, which makes them bored. 

Moreover, you don’t need to rely on your parent’s ability to feel hungry. So before giving them daily routine food, you have to give them proper nutritional snacks and a combination of fruits. 

It can give them Happy Meal time just like we give fast food to our kids as suggested by Henrietta Norton!

  • Serve High Nutrients Food in Small Portions:

While eating, some people might feel heavy after eating a small amount of food. And if you serve them food in large amounts, then they might get irritated and refuse to eat food. 

However, As per the research performed by the Herbalife Nutrition team, in the US, Instead of serving them on a big plate, you have to give them in a smaller portion with 2 to 3 hours of break.

You need to try switching 5 tops of their favorite meals in their routine life full stop. There are healthy calories available that are healthy for them and you need to add them in a smaller portion within the whole day. These include:

  • Olive oil
  • Avocado.
  • Egg and cheese
  • Nut butter and peanut
  • Soft cheese like mascarpone
  • Connect With them through Social Meals:

While aging, most people have a fear of being alone; also, the idea of eating food every time all alone can lead those people to experience a loss of appetite.

Moreover, it is more important to connect with your parents when aging on the table. You need to guide them that you need to have a complete diet to improve your health. The act will give your parents a sense that you adore them. 

FACT: Social connection at the stage of aging is as important as dealing with their inabilities. So you need to talk with them on any topic like religious weather or anything else.

It is better to invite your parents to have a meal with you and their friends or family. However, it will lead them to improve their appetite day by day.

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  • Always Track What Works Well! 

Why track their routine life? You need to take note of their every action and every step that is involved in the whole day. 

Things they like, things we don’t like, things they refuse to eat, things they like most need to be captured by you if you want to get a proper solution. 

You need to track their entire day anywhere. That is what makes them happy. 

Final Verdict:

When it comes to the change of appetite, many people understand that the person might be dealing with a health issue. 

However, whether it is for the appetite change or building a higher metabolism, it is important to make sure that your parents are out of risk. Moreover, you need to talk with a nutritionist like Lucy Miller, who will guide you about the basic nutrition and protein that you should give them. 

However, if you want to maintain the appetite of your parents then follow our tricks to make their living healthier and happier!