Warm up emails: how to make a splash in terms of reach in the newsletter and quickly warm up the email for new subscribers

Two seemingly mutually exclusive solutions – increase the number of recipients by tens of thousands in just a few steps and not lose the core of your loyal customers. It is also important to meet all the conditions for warm up emails and not to get sanctioned by email services. But in fact, it is quite realistic, although it will require a little more attention to the mailing and its promotion.

Solving all technical problems

If we need a quick and quality jump in coverage, we should do an audit of the technical capabilities of email. Most special services that automate this process, such as Reply.io, already have this option built in. If everything is done manually or using your own, in-house technical solutions, you should first meet all the requirements for a secure account:

– configure DKIM, SPF and DMARC services – secure sending and receiving, email identification;

– generate a correct and adaptive HTML message format;

– use a static IP address.

The list of such solutions can be much longer and depends on the specific situation. By the way, another important part of the technical issues is to buy a commercial mailbox. This is because with free mailboxes, mailers are more cautious and may perceive mass mailings from such an account as a potential spam attack.

Content revision and rebuilding

For a significant portion of customers, completely different information than what was in the main mailing may be important. And it’s realistic to bring inactive users back into the circle of consumers and those who read the messages. But to do this, you’ll have to offer them completely different products and the way information is delivered and presented: improved design, the way information is presented, the emphasis on other products/services. And sometimes for customers who receive a newsletter about coffee makers, information about brewing the coffee itself is much more important than the detailed features of the flagship models. Here’s just a rough list of innovations that can bring subscribers back:

– new rhythm of delivery, taking into account the mode of life and work or study – young people/students, working people, the elderly, managers.

  • another version of visualization and design of content – simple texts, illustrations, animation, video and so on;
  • activation of communication through social networks – surveys, comments on products and services, participation in promotions, and so on;

By the way, for businesspeople, it’s the content, not the form, that’s important. Tables with prices, delivery terms and characteristics are much more important and convenient for managers, people who make purchasing decisions, than the most sophisticated pictures and video presentations.

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