UI Trends That Can Be A Game Changer For Your Website Or App

While it’s difficult for UI UX designing companies to predict the UI trends for the upcoming years, the field of user interface design constantly keeps evolving and upgrading with new technologies. Design approaches are being innovated all the time. However, our 6 potential recent UI design trends are listed below regarding the current trends and innovations.

  • Motion design – For a mind-blowing user experience, you must incorporate motion design into your UI as a game changer. You attract users’ attention by adding animation and different forms of movement. Motion design can also develop smooth transitions between other pages or states, hence micro-interactions, and provide feedback and response to the user’s actions. If you want to take ahead the game of UI UX design companies, do improve the user experience or add some flair to your you are, motion design is the right tool.
  • Custom cursor interactions– Custom cursor Interactions have been the trend in 2022 and will work in 2023 as well. Using these interactions is a creative way to engage users and make your interface stand out from others. Animations can be triggered, and other interactive elements present on the page by using the cursor’s movement as an important.
  • VR & AR– Virtual and augmented reality technologies have become mainstream, and no offense will come through. Several interfaces will be designed by best UI UX companies in India, specifically for these platforms by 2023. As AR and VR technologies are continuously improving and becoming more accessible, designers will get more opportunities to create Immersive and interactive user experiences.
  • Dark Mode Only– Dark Mode is a feature involving using dark colors and no contrast. In the interface design, it is expected to be an eyecatcher trend in 2023. Dark Mode comes with a range of benefits and features for both users and designers, which makes it a popular choice for user interface design. Compared to bright Mode, dark Mode is easier and lighter on the user’s eyes, helping avoid eye strain and Fatigue.
  • Voice interaction – As we speak, voice-enabled devices are becoming more prevalent, and hence no doubt that will come through more interfaces designed specifically for voice interaction. Natural language, processing, and other artificial intelligence technologies will be used by these interfaces for understanding and responding to voice commands, making it easier for users to interact using only their voice instead of typing long words & sentences. This feature holds the potential to revolutionize the interaction with technology making it ten times more convenient and accessible. Moreover, voice-enabled interfaces provide. With hands-free control, it is pretty useful in situations where it is difficult for us to type using our traditional interface.
  • Scrollytelling– When users scroll through an interface, scroll, retelling, reveals new content and animations, resulting in a sense of progression and discovery. It can be pretty effective for applications that depend on storytelling or experiences, such as interactive media or games. A more creative, memorable, and enjoyable interface can be created using scroll, triggered animation.

Adding these UI trends to your upcoming projects can definitely act as a game changer and help you stand out from the rest of the UI designers. However, before following a UI trend blindly, a designer must consider the category of customers to be targeted.