Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags  

NFC, also known as Near Field Communication technology, uses a set of protocols to communicate between two electronic devices at a distance of about four centimetres. It provides a relatively low-speed connection and is easy to set up. It is an exciting technology for various uses, including medical devices and home automation. These applications include syncing data between devices and transferring health records from one device to another. It could also enable users to pass through airport security using a profile from their smartphone. Nokia, Sony, and Philips have all worked together to standardize NFC. The technology that uses the relationship between electricity and magnetism is much older than many think. 

The mechanics are a flexible application utilized for many reasons.

  1. Companies-Related Uses
  • Grant and restrict access to devices and facilities

Businesses can assign different tags to NFC business cards if it is impossible to program the tag with access details and identification information. One label is used for unlocking and locking doors for all authorized personnel. Another card can gain access to specific devices only the cardholder can access. These cards are serviceable as different, affordable solutions to secure offices and devices without the need for expensive biometric technology or weak knowledge-based authentication.

  • As loyalty cards

Near Field Communication technology is also functional as loyalty cards to benefit many businesses. The card can track customer preferences and offer discounts to encourage customer retention.

  1. Miscellaneous Uses
  • Control Smart Homes

Many homeowners are now embracing automation of their homes, particularly tech-savvy homeowners. People who cannot afford to automate their entire house will often simplify particular parts, even those purely aesthetic. NFC stickers, software and hardware that allows homeowners to automate their home. These tags are effective in changing room lighting and other features.

Visitors to Bill Gates’s techno-utopian Xanadu 2.0 mansion are issued ID cards and an NFC tag. Visitors can enter the villa, and the temperature and lighting will automatically adjust to their demographics. Tech enthusiasts can implement a similar system to automate their HVAC and lights.

These are most of the usual uses of NFC Tags.

Find out more in the infographic developed by the recognizable company known for their contactless business card UK issuance, NGC Tagify:
Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags