Time to Drive Deep tech & AI technologies with INTEMA

A Luxembourg company INTEMA invites startups, corporations and VCs to join its community and jointly explore the best application of Deep tech and artificial intelligence at the service of society and humanity

We believe AI is showing a unique growth potential and will largely expand into new industries. Potential of AI is only just being untapped in such areas as healthcare, safety and energy efficiency. The statistical findings indicate that industries with the highest AI application rate in 2021 include: Automotive & Assembly; Business, Legal and Professional Services; Healthcare Systems.

According to experts, global investments in AI increased 4 times over the last 5 years and there is a great opportunity to grow even further. Global investment in AI reached $77.5 billion in 2021.

That is why we created INTEMA.

Directions of INTEMA’s work

Our company is focused on:

  • Acceleration program for Deep tech startups. During twelve weeks, aspiring entrepreneurs are prepared by world-class experts and mentors from top corporations to conquer the market, working on business and technological excellence of their products.
  • Venture fund. INTEMA chooses companies complementary to its portfolio and invests large sums: from $100 thousand to $10 million in promising teams. We work with world known firms and renowned venture firms, so we can guarantee that you can find venture funding for startups. We also have M&A cases.
  • Deep Tech & AI consulting services for corporations. We provide full package service which includes choice of technologies or startups, which will benefit the business, scouting, diagnostics and support of the process of implementation of innovations on corporation until piloting them on the fast track and getting business cases.
  • R&D center.  INTEMA unites world level Deep tech experts, and collaborates with brilliant scientists, 40+ mentors and businessmen all around the globe who know everything about the latest AI technologies. 

To apply for funding and acceleration program or ask for consulting services, please visit our web-site. Join us to Shape the best future for your business in AI and Deeptech.

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