The Truth behind Personal Injury Myths

For many people, accidents present a totally new experience. With it comes many personal injury myths. It is normal to have myths about a topic, but what you do with them is what matters. Most of these myths are floated by people you know and trust, which places you in an uncomfortable position – to believe the myth or work with facts?

Some people get convinced that the myths are the truth, which makes them hold back from filing lawsuits or working with personal injury lawyers.

Let us look at common myths and narratives that you will come across about personal injuries.

The Insurance Company Cannot Give More than Their Initial Offer

When negotiating a settlement, it is common for the insurance adjuster to tell you that the offer on the table is the highest you can be awarded. The aim is to convince you to accept the settlement offer.

The truth is that the initial offer is just a tiny percentage of what you are supposed to receive. If you are greedy, you will definitely jump on the offer and accept it. However, if you have a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer by your side, he will know this trick and help you push for more compensation.

It’s No Use Engaging a Lawyer if Your Injuries are Minor

Whether the injuries are minor or severe, you still need to be compensated for your costs. It is also possible that what you deem a minor injury at the moment can turn out to be something more serious later on. For instance, whiplash can manifest later as chronic headaches that cause long-term suffering.

Never assume that you are fine after an accident – seek medical care and engage a lawyer to understand your rights and the options you have.

The Insurer Will Be Fair

Insurance adjusters are trained specifically to keep you from getting your compensation. They are also trained to try and make sure you don’t work with a lawyer. They use many sneaky tricks to try and make a profit for the insurer.

So, don’t be duped by the sweet words of the adjuster into believing that they will sympathize with you and treat you fairly.

You Have Enough Time to File the Claim

Every state has a specific time to file a claim. This time is called the statute of limitations. Failure to file the claim within this period means any claim you file after this period will be dismissed.

Personal Injury Lawyers are Out to Fleece You

The insurance adjuster will try to convince you that working with a lawyer is a bad idea because you might lose money in the process. A few bad apples end up making headlines, but the vast majority of lawyers are out to help you win the case and help you get compensated foryour injuries and damages.

Personal Injury Cases Take Years to Resolve

Each case is unique depending on the circumstances and the severity of the injuries. Studies show that most cases are finalized before they go to trial; this can take a few months or a year, depending on the kind of lawyer you choose.

If you have sustained injuries in an accident because of someoneelse’s carelessness, don’t put off filing the case because you think it will take longer than necessary. An experienced personal injury lawyer helps you get compensated faster than you think.

Compensation for Losses is Guaranteed

While many the personal injury cases get compensated, you aren’t guaranteed that yours will. The reality is that you have to collect evidence and present it properly to enjoy the benefits. The uncertainty that comes with personal injuries is another good reason you need to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

You Need a Lawyer Right from the Start

Have you been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness? Work with an experienced New Havenpersonal injury lawyer today to get the compensation you deserve.


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