Texting Etiquette: 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how organizations communicate with their employees and customers. Texting became the alternative platform for various businesses to connect with people. Unfortunately, technological advancements in communication made the traditional texting etiquette difficult to follow, especially for older generations. For companies relying on texting, learning the emerging texting rules is vital for communication compliance.  

Providing a prompt acknowledgment of the text is a new texting etiquette. In recent years, experts found that most people saw “sorry for the delay” responses. Because of this, senders worry about unanswered messages. People can prevent this by sending a short note acknowledging that they see the inquiry and will reply as soon as possible.

Experts also suggest that taking time to introduce each messaging group member to others is important. Group chats can become annoying once people inside do not know each other. At worst, they are forced to read conversations between two individuals. To avoid this, users can instead create a new conversation exclusive for the involved parties only, not everyone.

Moreover, users must avoid shortening the text message as the receiving party might struggle to understand its real meaning. “Lol,” “k,” and other shorthands are hard to decipher for some, so practice completing the words to convey the message effectively. Experts said, “texting isn’t Morse code.” Hence, be professional while constructing the text.

Employing the proper etiquette, serious conversations delivered through text messages must also have a place in the workplace. Employees must not let their emotions come first and take the message seriously. They can also ask for clarification if the text’s meaning is hard to understand. 

These are only some of the new texting rules that businesses must integrate for mobile compliance. Through these practices, compliance officers can understand the real meaning of messages. But aside from this, companies must also look for a trusted mobile archiving solution provider. This way, although their employees forget to record digital conversations, the mobile archiver does the job. 

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