Several Ways of Tracking and Organizing Your Backlinks

Using Monitor Backlinks’ various features, maintaining your backlinks may be as simple as selecting an option and clicking a mouse. They are what distinguish Monitor Backlinks as one of the best and most effective backlink management software on the market right now.

Linkascope too can offer you a certain monitor backlinks portfolio that can be quite useful to you.

Busy Fox can also help you to earn quality backlinks. Let us discuss on this page a few common ways of organizing your backlinks.

  • Use built-in filters

The total followed backlinks number and no-followed backlinks going to your site are shown by default in the Backlinks Summary Bar. After clicking on the total number you like to see, you can view either option of backlinks right away.

  • Manually include links to the backlink profile

By selecting the “+” icon on the right-hand side of the Backlinks Summary Bar, you may manually add each individual backlink. You can also upload a link just before Monitor Backlinks refreshes.

  • Import your external link databases into the backlink profile

When you click the Import link option, you will be transported to the screen where you may complete the remaining steps if you wish to Monitor Backlinks and import the backlinks from that software.

  • Use the selection drop-down for a quick selection of backlinks

Using a lot of backlinks at once is easy with this tool. There are two possibilities for you: 

  • “All items.”
  • Or “All items on this page”  
  • Retrieve and classify groups of backlinks

The “Add Tags” feature adds personalised tags to the backlinks you have chosen. You can use this to make it simple to organise particular hyperlinks into your choice of categories for quick retrieval using the “Tags” filter.

  • Recheck your status of backlinks

When you have to double-check the status of backlinks, then the “Recheck” feature is helpful. Say you noticed in your Link Changes module that the source of a backlink had had a 500 Internal Server Error 3 days prior.

You visit the website and discover that the problem has been resolved, but Monitor Backlinks still reports that the backlink is not present.

  • Remove or add labels from backlinks

You can quickly and easily classify and mark chosen backlinks into one of 4 categories using your “Mark” tool:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Ignored
  • Pending

To see the choices, simply choose the backlinks and press the “Mark” button.

  • Delete individual/groups of backlinks from your backlinks list

There are circumstances where mass backlink deletion is justified. When you are prepared to delete backlinks you disavowed many months ago is one of the more frequent scenarios.

  • Export chosen links to XML

There are times when exporting part or all of your links to XML is justified. Here are a couple of instances:

  • Importing your present backlinks into a different software programme
  • Using an external hard disc to store a backup of your backlinks
  • Use your “Warnings” filter for showing specific warning signals

Use the “Warnings” filter to display only certain warning signs. You can select which backlinks to view based on specific warning signals using the “Warnings” filter.

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