Play Online Games Against Real & Verified Players Profile On LeagueX & GetMega

Online gaming describes any virtual game that provides online interactions with other players. The games are played over any form of a computer network such as the internet. Online games can range from simple text-based games to games with complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by real, verified or fake players simultaneously. These games let people play and chat with anyone in the world.

There are two mobile application games – LeagueX and GetMega, which are attracting the maximum game users.

LeagueX is the best fantasy cricket gaming platform whereas GetMega is making its name by providing the best card gaming sites to players.

People come and build player teams at LeagueX based on live matches strategies. They gain points based on selected players and the players gain points based on their performance in live matches as per the game’s Points Scoring System.

LeagueX Provides Three Kinds Of Games 

  • Fantasy
  • Draft
  • Auction

As mentioned above, Getmega is another mobile game application that has been very popular and it provides you with real cash games. Read here to know three categories of cash games  –


  • Poker
  • Rummy


  • Carrom
  • GoPool
  • ABC Rummy
  • Warship
  • Dots and Dash


  • 123
  • PicMe
  • GK

Advantages Of Online Games Against Real And Verified Players On LeagueX And GetMega 

There are many advantages of online games against real and verified players on LeagueX and GetMega. It depends on the type of players if you are playing against real and verified players, then there are some advantages that you get:

  • Improve Thinking Skills

Games require higher-order thinking skills. In online games, you have to follow the instructions,  consider the actions, and also have to respond to the problems. This will develop thinking skills such as awareness of the attention to effective problem-solving and also planning literacy.

  • Emotional Learning

In online games, most of the time players feel frustrated. There are many events or situations in which you might not go according to your plan or you have tried something new which fails. But after encountering these types of situations often develop your emotional management skills and also learn how to calm yourself building resilience.

  • Teamwork

When you play an online team game such as cricket offered by LeagueX, there are many obstacles that players face such as poor cooperation, lack of communication, and many more. But with real and verified players, you can improve these skills and be better at collaboration, teamwork understanding, and peer-to-peer learning

Disadvantages Of Online Games Against Real And Verified Players On LeagueX And GetMega 

Online games are at a great disadvantage if there are no real and verified players. We often hear about the fraud in online games or any mishap that leads to empty pockets of players. And these mishappenings lead to the following disadvantages.

  •  Depression And Social Anxiety 

People often play online games which cause emotional distress. Also, it leads to addiction which is characterized by cognitive and emotional deficits. The excessive use of online games in the long term also separates individuals from real-life relations. Online games on the quality of interpersonal relationships and levels of social anxiety. It causes several mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

  • Loneliness 

Playing online games might give you instant fun and good vibes or will help you to escape from negative feelings associated with social deficiencies. Loneliness is an unpleasant experience that results from deficiencies in social relationships. These online games might facilitate the development or maintenance of real-life relationships but they also decorate the existing social relationships which increase loneliness.


Real and verified players play an important role in the mental health of an individual. In recent times, LeagueX and GetMega have started to provide a variety of online cash games.