Overview Of What Is Meant By The Term “Lip Reduction”

A lip reduction surgery (ศัลยกรรม แก้ ปาก ห้อย, which is the term in Thai) is a cosmetic treatment performed to improve the appearance of a person’s lips by making them appear smaller than they are. The mouth will appear more proportionate with the rest of the facial features, and the relationship between the upper and lower lips will be brought into better harmony due to the process.

This treatment can be carried out using various methods. More recent innovations, such as the “bikini lip reduction,” which was initially launched in 2007, promise outstanding results regarding both the aesthetic and functional improvements they bring about.

Who Should Go Through It, And What Should Be The Results?

Individuals with lips that are so prominent that they throw off the overall harmony of the face may benefit from lip reduction surgery. Even though prominent lips are typically a matter of aesthetic concern, this issue may also have other origins, such as the medical ailment known as macrocheilia. It may create problems with the patient’s oral function and speech patterns in severe situations. Additionally, it may lead the patient to drool excessively or lose control of their salivary glands. According to the findings of many studies, macrocheilia is more prevalent among particular ethnic groups.

How Exactly Is The Procedure Carried Out?

Procedures for lips reduction surgery are often carried out with the patient under IV sedation, and the time required for each lip can range anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the issue’s severity and the root of the problem.

Before beginning the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will use a pen to make marks on the patient’s lip that will indicate the amount of tissue needed to be removed. After that, he squeezes the lip between his fingers to reduce the amount of bleeding that occurs while making an incision on the inside of the lip to gain access to the tissue located on the inside of the lips. After that, he will cut away any extra tissue and fat from the lip.

A horizontal incision is the one that the surgeon typically makes. However, conventional approaches were ineffective in providing great outcomes; hence, the bikini lip reduction surgery was developed. A “bikini top” shaped tissue is removed from the upper lip using this technique, and a “bikini bottom” shaped tissue is removed from the lower lip.

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