Online Pilot Training: What You Need To Know

Taking online pilot courses is one of the best ways to make your aviation dream a reality. Of course, there are misconceptions about pilots learning aviation online, but they are mostly unfounded. Before you begin your online ground training, you must know the following things:

  1. The training is recognized by the FAA: The Federal Aviation Administration recognizes online pilot training for cadets seeking their pilot license. The FAA provides specific guidelines for aviation schools to follow to ensure compliance with industry standards.
  2. Online courses are self-paced: Online pilot courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of a class and are available for live viewing and replays. Delivered via a content management software, these courses are accessible via compatible internet-enabled computers and mobile devices and can be downloaded for future use. Students have unrestricted access to updated course materials, and instructors can modify simulated scenarios to fit specific contexts.

If you are taking an online pilot course, every step of your journey is closely monitored. and you will have the freedom which traditional physical classes may not present.

  1. Online pilot courses cover the basics of flight training. During your training, you will take courses on safety, aerodynamics, basic flight operations, electronic and communication systems, emergency procedures, etc., that are necessary to help you become a good pilot. For instructors, online refresher courses are not only physically convenient but are cost-effective and self-paced.
  2. You can work towards different licenses with online courses: As a pilot, you can take online lessons towards earning your permit for various categories. You can acquire your Commercial Pilots License, Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating. Online pilot training incorporates theoretical knowledge delivered via video lessons, text, images, and other media formats and practical lessons obtained through VR simulators. VR simulators provide conditions that are similar to real-life situations for you to practice.
  3. The program has its assessments done via the online learning platform. Your instructors will typically assess your knowledge on the same learning platform. That is easier and improves communication between students and their instructors.
  4. Online pilot training is cheaper than traditional pilot training: Online pilot schools typically cost less than the humongous amounts which traditional pilot schools charge.

Getting your pilot education online offers numerous benefits; you should consider registering immediately. Thousands of pilots before you have benefited from this wonderful innovation, and you’re assured of a great experience!

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