Never Stop Learning: Why You Should Have A Mentor

Whether you want to achieve a personal goal or a career goal, a mentor plays a crucial role in the life of people who want to achieve new levels of success. Well, it takes a good amount of time and research to find the right mentor for you.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself,” said Oprah Winfrey.

One of the best things about life is we never stop learning; there are always new things and technologies that you should learn about. Nobody knows everything but with proper guidance and commitment, you can succeed in your goals. A mentor invests his important time to monitor you so that you can reach your goal.

Here Are Few Reasons Why You Need A Mentor:

Increased Knowledge:

Mentors are the best way to gain knowledge, whether you are starting a business, going back to college, or you are trying to change your career, mentors have crossed these phases. Try to find a mentor whom you can easily relate to, who shares the same goal, and understand your priorities.

Constructive Criticism:

Most of the time your family members and close friends will hesitate to provide you the type of feedback that you need to change in your personal and professional career, but a mentor will provide constructive criticism that will help you strengthen the areas of life that required improvement.

Personal Growth:

It takes some time for mentor to understand your skills and abilities, one’s they do, they will make a specific task for you to see how well you perform. On the basis of your performance, they will provide you detailed feedback on what things you need to improve. a mentor will find different ways to encourage your personal growth.


When you start dealing with difficult issues, you start forming negative thoughts in your mind that affect your daily work and also life. At that time a mentor plays a crucial role in boosting your confidence and offers you support and encouragement to keep up with your tough tasks.

Reza Satchu is the Co-Chairmen at NEXT Canada founded in 2010 is one of the leading examples of a perfect mentor who provides education, mentorship, and start-up funding to the most promising entrepreneurs.

Reza Satchu is also a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School where he teaches Launching Technology Ventures and The Entrepreneurial Manager.

 Unbiased Opinions:

Mentors are always unbiased, as they play a neutral role. To support you in your difficult times, they will provide you with opinions based on their experience that can fit your circumstances the best.

Setting Goal:

Mentors are the perfect options for you to help in setting and achieving your goal. A mentor will set new goals for you and clarify how to take actions that will help you in developing your career.