Make Your Child’s Future Bright By Admission To Triam Udom School

It would be best if you built a solid foundation for your child from the beginning. And to do so, you must guide your child in the proper direction. And the first step in putting your child on the right track is getting them admitted to a good school.

Well, different schools have different criteria when it comes to appearing for an admission test. Likewise, the Train Udom School also has specific parameters your child needs to fulfil if they want to get admission into that school. Therefore you must be tutoring to prepare triamudom school (ติว เข้า เตรียม อุดม, which is the term in Thai).

You must score more than 70% in English if you want admission to a given stream. Whether it is science, arts or commerce, you must score well in English to be admitted. Irrespective of whichever stream you choose, you must achieve well in English.

What Are The Basic Steps Involved In Taking Admission To Triam Udom School?

  1. Since many applications come in every year for admission, it becomes difficult to segregate them. Typically a candidate can either apply usually or use through the Academic Olympiad Quota and Abilities. Because if you don’t qualify in the first chance, you still have a backup.
  2. After the applications are fully received, the total number of applications is divided into further subcategories. At first, 35 seats are allotted for the academic Olympiad quota. Then 69 seats are assigned for special abilities and conditions. The total number of selected applications is divided between these two groups.
  3. It is a good idea to look at the academic calendar of educational instruction. It will ensure you are well prepared for the entrance exam within the given timeline. So you should make sure tutoring to prepare triamudom school if you want to get admission.
  4. If you get hold of the previous year’s exam quest paper, try solving them as much as possible. Solving the old exam question paper will help you assess your preparation and work harder.
  5. Interacting with your seniors is a great option. You might interact with them and ask them for tips. They might help you by giving some additional suggestions regarding the exam. And guide you on how to crack the exam. They will also encourage you to pursue the exam with hard work.


Therefore, if you want to get your child admitted to a top-rated educational institute, you might take the help of Encooncept to prepare for the entrance examination. Because as the old proverb goes, practice makes a man perfect. Students are anxious when they appear for the exam for the first time. Thus I believe this article will be beneficial for you. I hope it will help you tutoring to prepare triamudom school and get a bright future ahead.