List of 5 Interesting Outbound Team Building Activities

Team building programs are conducted by various organizations to nurture the relationship between the team members and build a strong bond between them. The outbound team-building activities can be very interesting if organized properly. These activities provide various benefits to both employees and the organization. 

Let us know about some interesting team-building activities that will help make your training sessions more interesting.

  • Protect Your Egg

It is a very interesting group activity, and you can have as many people as you want. The team members are divided into groups of equal members, and each group is provided with an uncooked egg. Some office supplies, like tape, pencils, straws, newspaper, rubber, packing material, etc., are piled up in the corner. Now each team is given 15 to 30 minutes to prepare a contraption around the egg for its protection. Once they are completed, a team member is asked to drop that protected egg from around 3 meters. If the egg breaks, you lose the competition.

This activity enhances creativity, team bonding, and communication skills.

  • Balloon Race

Another interesting group activity that will make your training program more enjoyable. All the employees are divided into different groups with equal team members. All the team members are provided with an inflated balloon, which they have to hold between each other and make a chain. Now start moving towards the finish line, holding that balloon between each other. If any balloon touches the ground or gets busted, they have to start again. The team that reaches first wins the competition.

It is a fun activity that enhances communication skills and teamwork.

  • Blindfold Maze

In this game, employees are divided into different teams with equal members, and each team has a leader. Except for the leader, all the other participants are blindfolded and asked to stand in a straight line. Now, the team members have to reach the finish line by passing through various obstacles. The leader instructs them to cross the path without touching them. Once all the team members reach the finish line, the task is completed.

It is a great activity to learn leadership skills, communication skills, trust, and team bonding.

  • Tallest Newspaper Tower

As the name implies, all the team members are provided with some newspapers and other essential supplies like scissors, tape, glue, etc. The team members have to work in a team to build the tallest tower using those supplies. While the final assessment of the tower falls, it is not counted. The team that builds the fastest and longest tower using all those supplies wins the competition.

It is a fun-filled activity that encourages creativity and enhances your team-building and communication skills. This activity explains how the opinion of each team member matters a lot in achieving the objective.

  • Guess My Words

This activity requires a team of two group members. Both team members are asked to sit back-to-back. One team member has a picture, and the other is given a pen and paper. The team member holding the picture has to explain it to the other without giving the actual name, and the other has to draw it correctly.

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