Let’s Know About HCG

Human chorionic Gonadotropin is the full form of HCG which is known as a hormone occurring naturally in human bodies. It is produced by men and women as well. There are so many functions of HCG in human bodies. The most common function of HCG is it sends signals to the Hypothalamus. As we all know that hypothalamus is the part of our brain which is very important to control thirst, metabolism, hunger, temperature, and fatigue. HCG becomes fat burning elements too as it has the ability to communicate with our brain.

Let’s elaborate HCG drops Canada

HCG drops Canada is specially presented by the Canada’s leading supplier to reduce weight without any exercise and without sweating. These are basically diet drops which helps to melt extra pounds from your body without hard work. It is best to get in shape within 27 days and you can lose upto29lbs just in 27 days without exercise. All you need to do is order HCG drops Canada as soon as possible and follow their advice as they have complete diet plans for you which you have to follow for 27 days if you are really passionate about losing extra pounds.

From which place you can order it?

Www.Hcgwarrior.com is the site from where you can order HCG diet drops and it will be delivered at your doorstep as they have fast delivery services at reasonable cost. This is a reliable site which has delivered over 100,000 bottles of drops since 2010.

How does this diet drop works?

There are three major phases of diet plans which will be provided by them, and you need to follow those advices strictly to feel the function of diet drops. In phase 1 you need to load up fats and crabs including 15 drops of HCG drops in your meal 3 times a day in your body. This is the major part of diet as it will force the body to increase metabolism. In phase 2 you have to take only 500 calories with 15 drops of HCG drops 3 times in a day but you need to be careful that you have to take drops within 30 minutes before meal. In phase 3 you need to eat your food on a regular basis but avoid starches as well as sugars. For example you need to avoid rice, potatoes, candies, pastries and sugary drinks.