Know In Detail About Dellpower Edge Below

What is Dell poweredge R350? What is the specification, and why is it used? It has the power to deliver better performance, and therefore, it is designed to provide productivity and data-intensive applications. It is a type of server detention powered by Intel. It is affordable and easy to manage with one socket rack. It can also help to grow the business and organization more classily.

Why Is It Useful?

It has certain benefits like it delivers high availability features in case of hot plugs or reductant power supplies. It can also support from 32GB speed to 128GB speed. It also provides improved security as well as faster boot time.

It is best for Web hosting and collaboration. The Dell technology will help you to tame your IT environment complexity with various tools and solutions. It can also deploy the power edge infrastructure and discover, monitor, and manage accordingly.

The power edge server is usually made-up of cyber-resilient architecture. Due to resilient cyber architecture, security in every phase is up to the next level. Therefore, built-in security for these types of servers is trustworthy.


The Dell power edge R350 specifications are as follows.

· Cpu

The CPU is of Intel brand with 2.9GHZ capacity. The cache memory is 12M and 3200MT/s power.

· Ram

Random Access Memory is 16GB, 3200MT/s and ECC features in it.

· Raid

The front-load bracket support RAID is 0,1,10. The optical feature includes DVD, SATA, and INTERNAL.

Other Features

It also has features like a dual hot plug and a reductant power supply of 600 watts. The warranty is for three years, with four hours of site service, and for three years, you can keep the hard drive.

End-To-End Service

The IT lifecycle is quite vital nowadays, so expert service to improve this life cycle is highly important. You can consult and seek advice for end-to-end service and grow your business more efficiently.

Focus on gaining freedom so that your business transformation and insight into Dell are known globally. Always choose the proper support and analyze the process innovatively. Dell servers are easy to use and enhance business worldwide.

Bottom Line

Rely on this competitive market and utilize all the technologies at your convenience. Use the new technology to its full potential. Plan for the best business outcomes for tomorrow’s future with Dell’s power edge server. Dell is the most commonly used server that supplies products for business purposes.