Is The Cengage DPP Good For JEE?

The DPPs Cengage known as the Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) consists of a collection of 17 booklets that are related to subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. These booklets contain problems and questions that are separated systematically both chapter-wise as well as topic-wise. These questions have been set and chosen carefully by different experts in the field as well as the authors who understand the question paper pattern for the JEE examination. Most JEE aspirants prefer using these booklets which can help the min their daily preparation schedule and also with this the students can monitor their progress by answering these questions. The chapters in each booklet consist of sample questions that are both for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The types of questions that are given in the DPPs are similar to those that come in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations. In addition to questions, the DPPs also give detailed solutions that make it easier for students to solve and answer all the questions that are given in each particular booklet.

Indeed, Daily Practice Problem or DPP booklets are very important and can really help students in scoring marks, however, practicing just the numerical and solving problems, as well as the questions from these booklets, will not be enough if proper understanding of the concepts is not there.

First and foremost, the students need to be thorough with all the concepts and theories before starting to solve the problems. This can be done by reading the NCERT textbook properly, listening to class lectures, and seeking help through videos, guide books, or reference books. Once the students have knowledge of the subjects, chapters, and topics concerned, they can start with the practice examples both solved and unsolved.

With this, the students will have a good knowledge of the subject matter and can then go to the Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) booklets to start solving the questions. The students can read the theories and once they have understood a topic they can check their progress by answering DPPs questions. The students will be able to study from the DPPs, and once all the questions from each topic are done, the student can start with new topics in a similar manner.

Many experts and toppers of JEE Main and Advanced suggested that Cengage DPPs booklets are actually very helpful and are considered one of the best and that the level of questions is above the standard and more advanced compared to any other. Like I said earlier,Cengage DPP is definitely a really good book with different booklets containing different chapters and topics systematically. It is good if one can solve and practice all the daily problems consistently so as to finish and clear the doubts before time rather than leaving it at the last minute. If the students find difficulty, they can then refer back to their theories from their NCERT textbook or clear their doubts from their teachers. Hence, it is important to start early. One more important thing about Cengage is that it will give one a whole advanced knowledge of the subjects concerned i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

So, Cengage DPP is a good book to use but with this, a strong foundation of the basics and concepts, having good theoretical knowledge is very important for without these solving Cengage DPP’s questions seems absurd. It is said that the JEE Mains and Advanced papers are not that tough but involve a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as the paper, is calculative which requires a lot of your time in practicing and clearing your concepts. Thus, solving DPP is important as the question papers for both JEE Mains and Advanced are calculative but they need to focus on NCERT theories as well especially the Chemistry subject.

Using just the Cengage DPP will not help without consulting any theory books or guidebooks. The questions in the DPP are there for a good cause to boost up someone’s confidence and helps in providing them with sample types of questions that might come on the examination or similar to those. This book also helps in providing students with a platform for quick revision and monitor their progress level of preparation. Giving any examination requires extra dedication, consistency, and time management which are very important as almost all the aspirants might use the same plethora of resources that are available in order to complete and tackle this particular examination. Hence, it is very important for the student to not depend only on the Cengage DPP but also NCERT textbooks and other reference books for his/her basics. With this the students can pass the examination with flying colours as the questions are not that difficult and constant practice is required in boosting up the students’ confidence and in securing a good rank.

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