How Can You Prevent Click Fraud On Your Account?

Falsely exaggerating the number of clicks on a pay-per-click advertisement is known as click fraud. One of two motivations is what motivates click fraud: Ad publishers are clicking on the advertisements displayed on their websites to earn more revenue and are trying to undermine their competitors by raising their costs and hitting their budget caps early in the day.

The best way to stop click fraud in your account

Despite Google’s assertions that it is making extra efforts to eliminate click fraud, many advertisers still view it as a  problem. Take matters into your own hands if you feel you can’t rely on Google to sort out fraudulent clicks.


You need to take issues into your own hands at times. Here are my top 4 suggestions for warding off click-happy criminals:

The thing about using these platforms is that your ads will ONLY show on these platforms (! ), which reduces the need for involvement from outside publishers. It eliminates a substantial source of click fraud. What about hostile competitor clicks, though? Because paid social networks have such precise advanced targeting possibilities, this adwords click fraud is less common on such platforms. It’s significantly more challenging for rivals to find your adverts because of ad placement based on a keyword search.

Create IP Exclusions in Google Ads (formerly AdWords):

You can prevent your ad from ever being delivered to an IP address associated with fraudulent clicks if you’ve done your research and found it. All you have to do to create an exclusion is navigate to the Settings tab and scroll down to the IP Exclusions setting.

GDN Remarketing Campaigns to Run:

It is the action if you’re worried about publisher-based click fraud. Remarketing makes it simple to avoid because only people who have visited and shown interest in the advertiser’s website see the adverts.

Edit the targeting of your ads:

Sometimes all it takes to eliminate fraudulent clicks is a minor adjustment to your targeting. It may be to remove these regions and their related languages if you suspect that adwords click fraud protection originated from a particular geographic area (typically, “click farms” are headquartered in poorer countries with low labour costs). You can also exclude a competitor’s zip code, location, etc. You believe they are engaging in click fraud. One thing to do is you must be careful not to reduce BAD traffic while doing this. If you genuinely think that clicks generated in these locations are fraudulent, only select these exclusions.

Prevention of Click Fraud: How to Spot It in Your Account

Welp, let me reassure you that there is a TON you can do to determine whether you are a victim of  adwords click fraud protection before you go into full-on anxiety mode! I spoke with WordStream’s Evan Cummins to get the complete story and learn what our marketing services team is doing to keep an eye on their client’s accounts. Evan stated that there are two methods to approach the issue, manual analysis or an automated solution, depending on the time and resources you can devote to tracking click fraud.