Fluoride —Myths and Facts

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is used almost daily in your life. It has many advantages shown by studies as it can strengthen your bones up to an extent, but the main advantage it has is on your dental health as it is proven that fluoride can strengthen the enamel, which makes your teeth very strong. Fluoride is generally given to small children as tablets and in mouthwash and toothpaste to have the same and efficient effect. 

You can always consult your dentist in Brooklyn, New York, for further advantages of fluoride and to know whether fluoride is good for you or not. But since the internet, many myths and false information have also spread about fluoride. Below are some myths and facts about fluoride.

  • Consumption of fluoride will cause fluorosis

Consumption of fluoride will only cause fluorosis if you have consumed fluoride in a very large quantity. In our country, the amount of fluoride allowed in the water bodies is relatively very low and will not cause you problems like fluorosis.

  • Fluoride is very dangerous for children

If children consume fluoride in a consulted way, it will not harm your children. On the contrary, drinking fluoridated water will strengthen your and your children’s teeth and will also prevent any future tooth decay problems.

  • Fluoridated water causes cancer

Fluoridated water will not cause cancer. Fluoridated water can help people with other diseases like diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems.

  • Fluoridated water is very expensive

Fluoridated water is very cheap in comparison to other minerals and supplements used to strengthen the enamel and avoid tooth decay.

  • Fluoride is not necessary in water 

Most toothpaste contains fluoride in some amount, but the amount of fluoride present in these kinds of toothpaste is not enough to provide the necessary strength and immunity to your teeth as some amount of fluoride in water can. Therefore, it is advised to add some fluoride to the water too.

Fluoride is a very good supplement taken in an advised and consulted manner, as it not only helps with your dental health but also has other benefits for heart and kidney diseases.

It is relatively cheaper and more effective than other minerals and chemicals used to boost dental and oral health.

Talk to your dentist today!

It is highly recommended that you use fluoride after a thorough examination and consultation with your dentist, who will guide you on how much fluoride will be healthy for you.

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