Different Types of Horse Floats

Buying a horse float offers several long-term benefits for horses and their owners. A horse float has padding for a soft landing, dividers, and ventilation to ensure a refreshing breeze and prevent overheating. 

Horse floats act as the shield that safeguards equine companions from elements like rain, wind, and harsh sunlight. It also helps provide a comfortable environment for the horses while travelling, especially when the horse float has sufficient ventilation systems, windows, and vents.

When it comes to choosing horse floats QLD, there is a wide range of available options that can suit the diverse needs and preferences of horse owners. However, those buying for the first time may feel like it is a challenging task.

Horse owners and handlers need to know the different types of horse floats available and which one would fit their equine companion.

Straight Load Horse Float

The most common type of horse float is a straight load. In this type, the horses are loaded in a straight line, which provides a compact and secure space for the horses when they are being transported.

Angle Load Horse Float

This type of horse float provides a more convenient loading and unloading experience for horses. The equine companions that will be loaded are placed at an angle as the stalls are positioned diagonally. This design enables horses to have more space and travel more comfortably while on the road.

Gooseneck Horse Float

A gooseneck horse float gets its name from the hitch, which is highlighted by a long neck section at the front. This is larger and has a raised section above the towing vehicle called the gooseneck, which provides a luxurious and spacious option for horse owners.

Horse Floats with Living Quarters

This type of horse float provides ultimate luxury and convenience for horse owners and handlers. Horse floats with living quarters have additional amenities that offer a home for the horse.