Diamond Painting Tips For Beginners.

A fantastic new hobby is diamond painting. In order to help you complete your first diamond painting as a novice, we’ve tried to make the instructions simple to follow. Have a look at: Diamond Painting Deutschland

Diamond painting.

Diamond Painting is frequently compared to the offspring of cross-stitch and paint by number. Similar to paint by number, you are given a canvas with a set colour. But much like in cross-stitch, the image you are constructing is composed of countless small squares (or pixels). You eliminate the possibility of sticking your fingertips with a diamond painting kit.

Start with. 

Craft-Ease Diamond Painting Kits provide you with everything you need to complete a lovely diamond painting even if you are a beginner.

  1. You will paste your diamonds on the Poured Glue Canvas! The printed image may already be lovely, but I promise that with each diamond you add, it will become much more lovely. 
  2. The diamond is applied to the canvas with the right side up using a diamond pen applicator. We provide two multiplayer mounts for you that like to go quickly, as well as an extra applicator. 
  3. Applicator Gum: The power is in this tiny pink item. Ever wonder how the pen can pick up the drills? The solution is the gum! This makes the pen’s tip sufficiently sticky to pick up the drills without adhering to the canvas. Change them frequently; we gave you more than enough! 
  4. Tray: The tiny ridges on the tray might help you arrange your diamonds so they are ready to be picked up and are facing the correct way. 
  5. Everybody makes errors, and that’s okay, says Tweezer. Use this tweezer to remove a diamond you accidentally set or to tidy up your rows of bling.

Before beginning.

It’s time to unroll your canvas because it arrived rolled up! It can occasionally be a little obstinate and refuse to lay flat. A few strategies exist to deal with this. 

Put the canvas’s protective layer back in place after partly removing it. Apply this in each of the four corners. This ought to make curling easier. 

Turn it around from the direction it was placed in the box. 

Last but not least, if it’s hard, lay it straight and overnight weigh the corners.


Step by Step.

The simplest method when working with one colour is to choose a spot and paste your diamonds there one at a time. This is wonderful and doesn’t need a lot of preparation.

Checker Board.

By switching up where you put your diamonds, you may train your eyes to put them exactly in the centre of each square. The subsequent diamonds will fit perfectly in the space you have left between them. Your diamond drills will be perfectly aligned this way.

Multiple Placer.

Quicken your steps! Take out your multi-placer and quickly lay down 2–6 diamonds! 

Split and rule is the strategy used in The Farm Plot. When working with a diverse area of just one colour, this technique is ideal. Divide the area into “plots” by first lining it up with diamonds, then fill it in. It alleviates the monotony of a big area.