Condos: Details You Need To Know

The thought of buying a house is heartwarming, but at the same time, when e think about the maintenance of the home and yard evokes concern. The good news for the house hunters, you have different types of houses to select. Check out Condo near Sathorn (คอน โด ย่าน สาทร, which is the term in Thai).

A condominium or condo is a single unit owned by an individual in a residential complex. The owner is accountable for their department and is responsible for paying a monthly fee. The association collects the owners’ payments and handles the exterior and common area services.

Pros Of Purchasing A Condo

  • Low Maintenance

It is best for first-time house buyers who don’t want to invest money in maintenance, like mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool. The community of the complex maintains the exteriors and common area.

  • Affordable

The design of the Condos is compact models, so they need less space than the other type of properties. The cost of condos is budget-friendly; moreover, property taxes are lower. 

For the first-time buyer, it is the ideal option; they can enjoy the ownership of a building without pondering maintenance or repairing common areas, leaky roofs, etc.

  • Security

Condos communities hire security staff for safety with CCTV cameras. They are more secure than the townhomes. All-time condos near Sathorn have a secure entrance, lobby, and parking areas. 

  • Social Gathering

Homeowner associations arrange social events such as pool parties, doggy playdates and new year events. These events are where you get an opportunity to meet your neighbours. It grows a great sense of community.

  • Amenities

Some condos have top-notch amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, grilling area, gymnasium, dog park and many more. The condo owners can enjoy all these amenities.

Cons Of Purchasing Condo

  • Risky Investment

Investing in a condo can be at risk because people share the property with other complex people.

  • Limited Space

They are compact, people who love a specious house, it’s not for them. The outdoor is also limited.

  • Lack Of Privacy

The people share the common area of the condo-like hallway garden. If you are a privacy lover, then it’s difficult for you to enjoy your alone time.

Bottom Line

Once you confirm to buy a condo, your next step is to find the best condo near Sathorn as per your budget. Evaluate all the amenities, papers and size of the condo before you buy it.