Comparison Of The Rolex Lady-Datejust And The Rolex Date

It’s a common misconception that Rolex only caters to men; however, the company’s women’s collection has always been robust. In 1957, they introduced the Lady-Datejust available on, a 26mm variant of the men’s watch that had already been a classic for a decade. Because of their unwavering commitment to excellence, there has rarely been any difference between the men’s and women’s watches other than the latter’s smaller size. Both share the same dependability, performance, quality of construction, and care for detail. Although the men’s Datejust was supplanted as the brand’s flagship by the Day-Date around the mid-1950s, the women’s version is still considered the best among all.

A Look At The Differences

In its 60 years on the market, the Lady-Datejust has been released in various designs that are nearly as comprehensive as the first. It can be worn on any of Rolex’s three metal bracelets (the Oyster, President, or Jubilee) and with various gemstone embellishments. It is also available in three different gold tones, two-tone Rolesor, and ultra-precious platinum.

A stainless-steel version of the Lady-Datejust, called the Lady-Date, was also available, as was the case with the men’s series. However, in addition to the extensive Datejust collection, there is also a steel men’s Date watch. The men’s version differs from the latter only in size (the Date is 34mm, while the Datejust is 36mm).

The original size of the Lady-Date and the Lady-Datejust succession was 26mm. The two are identical in every way except for the metals. There are no gemstones on the rounded edges or hour markers, and no gold or platinum Lady Dates. The watch’s understated air was enhanced by the fact that it was made entirely of Rolex’s signature stainless steel but came on either the Oyster or the Jubilee bracelet rather than the flashier President. The steel 26mm Lady-Datejusts with a whitish gold casing were also available for those who wanted to add even more complexity to their watch collection.

Continual Advancement

Rolex has always strived for perfection, and their Lady-Datejust and Lady-Date models have undergone countless improvements over the years. The Lady-Date was always overshadowed by its big sister, the Datejust. Thus, it received upgrades a few years after the Datejust. As a result, they take advantage of the brand’s cutting-edge caliber technology, which improved both accuracy and portability. If you are planning to get one, no better time than today.