Are There Really Benefits to Evaporative Coolers?

 Life is a game of profits and losses. Our choices either become profitable to us and our loved ones or lead us to lose out on certain things. Every purchase we make either benefits us or doesn’t. When it comes to buying items, especially comfort items such as an evaporative cooler, it is significant, to an extent, that your purchase is a profitable one, and it is a beneficial financial move. 

Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

Many people wonder whether buying an evaporative cooler instead of an air conditioner is a wise choice. It is appropriate to wonder and ask questions because now more than ever, every penny counts. What would make you look back at an item and not regret making that purchasing choice is usually a very important drive for purchase and deciding the same for an evaporative cooler is not an exception? 

An evaporative cooler isn’t just a purchase; it is an investment ‒an investment in luxury and the climate. 

Aside from its cooling benefit (an evaporative cooler can conveniently reduce a hot atmosphere’s temperature by 5-15 degrees!), evaporative coolers consume less energy. Their energy efficiency is top-notch. That is because of the way they are designed to function. It uses an age-old cooling technique of simply transferring hot air through a wet pad and letting it into the room to a much lesser degree. That makes them not need an enormous amount of electricity supply before they can function; thereby saving you some extra bucks on utility bills and contributing to a safer climate.  

Swamp coolers use less than 35 percent of the electricity consumption, which an average air conditioner of the same size needs to run, and a bonus point- they do not require any chemicals. This means that they do not require traditional aircon gas top up.

Another benefit of a swamp cooler is the fact that due to its low electricity consumption it can run for the whole day. However, you would need to make sure that there is enough water to run and have the settings adjusted, afterwards you can have it running for the next 24 hours. You can, as well, decide to go with the vent mode if you are skeptical about over saturating your home. 

When it comes to maintenance, evaporative coolers only need to be cleaned about once a month, using soap and water. The cooler has some parts you should care for regularly. However, to keep your coolers running at their peak, one is advised to always rinse the tank before you proceed to change the water. 



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