Answer Writing Approach for Sociology

The second stage of the UPSC exam asks candidates to write descriptive answers. This rule is applicable for the optional paper as well. Writing long answers in the UPSC Mains is genuinely challenging if you do not know how to write them. The way you write answers in the UPSC sociology optional paper will tell you how well you have read the subject. To learn to write good answers, you can look for the best sociology optional coaching online

However much you study or from whichever source you gather knowledge, what matters at the end of the day is what you write in the answer sheet. Remember, your marks will be provided for what you write in the answer sheet. Therefore, it goes without saying that in the UPSC exam, writing answers is an art that you need to master rightly. Below are a few tips propagated by the best sociology optional coaching in Delhi that can help you write answers correctly. 

  • Answer completely 

In most cases, it is noticed that the answers in the answer sheets are not complete. It may be due to two distinct reasons: the candidate could not finish the paper in time, and the other is that the candidate does not know the answer well. It may also happen that the aspirant got confused or went blank in the middle of writing answers. Whatever solution you start writing, make sure you are confident about it and can finish it properly. Unfinished answers will leave a wrong impression about you in the examiner’s mind. 

  • Do not forget to use keywords 

Every answer you write has a particular set of keywords that the examiner expects to see incorporated in the answers. Many IAS aspirants complain about writing for pages and not getting enough marks. First of all, you have to get rid of the idea that writing too long answers can fetch you many marks. The UPSC marks are not dependent on the length of the answers but the quality of them. So, use the necessary keywords in each answer and if you have some time left after finishing the paper, underline these keywords to highlight them so that the examiner sees them at once. 

  • Present answers well 

When writing answers for UPSC, the presentation of the answers matter. You cannot scribble much and present answers in a dirty way. The handwriting in the answer sheet should be legible enough to be understood by the examiner. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. To improve the quality of your answer, you can also use charts and tables for better elaboration. 

  • Justify your answer 

Keep in mind that the UPSC exam is not like your school terminals where you only had to state the truth. Instead, the examiners of the UPSC civil service exam expect aspirants to justify the answers correctly. Therefore, to provide adequate justification, it is vital to read the Yojana and the Kurukshetra Magazines as they deal with the opinions of various connoisseurs and government officials. 

  • Use simple language to write answers 

You have to keep in mind that you are not writing an English language test where the standard of your English is measured. In the UPSC exam, what is most important is that you have to make sure that the points you have put up to justify the answer are clear enough for the examiner to understand well. Hence, writing in flowery language is not going to help. Instead, you will lose marks. 


Therefore, writing sociology answers in the UPSC Mains is not easy, provided you know what to write or how to deal with the questions. Another better way to become confident in sociology answer writing is to join any sociology test series. The evaluator will be able to provide your feedback about your strength and weakness. This will help you immensely to overcome your flaws and not to repeat them during your real UPSC mains exam. Along with this, the above-mentioned points will undoubtedly help you a lot.