Advantages of renting a yacht in Greece

The sun, beaches, olives, and numerous ancient ruins under the bottomless blue sky – this is what most tourists associate Greece with. One of the few countries that combine the outstanding achievements of human genius with excellent opportunities for a relaxing holiday

Visiting islands on a yacht

Renting a yacht for individual excursions in Greece will allow you to visit almost all the islands sung by ancient poets, including mooring in Crete, the birthplace of the most ancient culture in Europe, dancing in Greek port taverns, and tasting fresh olives and octopuses. You can give free rein to gourmet by visiting the island of Euboea, the capital of winemaking. Your route can pass through the islands and other pearls of the archipelago, immersed in bouzouki and flute melodies.

If you are fond of photography, you can rent yacht in Greece and bring unique pictures from your trip. In a few countries you can find a variety of interesting faces, genre scenes, and landscapes, the main thing is to be at the right time in the right place. If you have a yacht at your disposal, you can always go wherever you want to catch a sunset or dawn lighting.

Greek cuisine

National Greek recipes combine elements of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and unique local ingredients that form the basis of delicacies known throughout the world. On a cruise on a yacht, you can eat both on board and in restaurants, but in any case, you will not remain indifferent to the Greek baklava, cooked from a thin sweet crispy dough with olive oil. For the ultimate indulgence, wash down this gourmet dessert with a cup of aromatic Greek Helliniko coffee. 

If you stay in Crete during your yacht charter trip, don’t forget to try meat dishes, graviera and feta cheeses, and a variety of fresh seafood.

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