A jewellery collection that every woman should possess


A woman’s jewellery box is the most important and valuable part of her wardrobe. Jewellery is a classic and timeless way to express one’s personality and style; pieces of jewellery that can be worn with almost any outfit can never go out of style. Moreover, jewellery sets have been traditionally adorned by women and men to boost their wealth or culture.

Here is a list of 5 classic jewellery sets that every woman should possess:

Diamond Ring: Diamonds are still considered a girl’s best friend, and it never goes out of style; a diamond ring symbolises your style statement and elegance. You can never go wrong in style with a piece of diamond jewellery on you. It’s also a perfect gift to express your love and feelings towards your loved ones. Diamonds are of different sizes ranging from 1 carat to 100 carat, and their prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the stones. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances found on earth, making them perfect for jewelleries that symbolise true love and eternal commitment.

Pearl Earrings: It’s a sea jewel, a classic, timeless piece of jewellery that can be worn with anything. Be it a simple stud for your daily wear or a glamorous set for your romantic date, there is always something for the occasion. It comes in different shapes and sizes, so there is always one for you to wear. Pearls can be of different shapes and sizes; the size of the pearl determines its cost; it’s often said that the larger the size of the pearl, the costlier it is, which also makes it a perfect gifting option. Pearls are also known for their durability. They are produced by shellfish when they produce a substance called nacre, also called the mother of pearl.

Gold Necklace: It’s a perfect classic piece of jewellery for any woman and an ideal match for every occasion and outfit. Gold is an universally accepted valuable metal, and golden jewellery never goes out of style as we all love to wear gold. The best part of golden necklaces is that various options are available, and you can choose from them depending on your budget. It is also a perfect gifting option to show your love to your near and dear ones.

Silver Bracelet: Siver jewellery has been in the fashion industry for decades; it enhances your style statement and represents your style and personality. Recently silver jewellery has been in the hype among young women. They are elegant and can be worn with any outfit. Moreover, the classy look of silver jewellery can boost your presence in any occasion.

Another jewellery set you can have is a single pendant on a thin chain. This is on-the-go jewellery and can be worn at any occasion or with any outfit. Another piece you may have is a gold brooch, which has been used for centuries by women. Brooches add a blinge to your outfit and can be worn with a saree or even your favourite jacket. Now that you know the jewellery pieces missing from your jewellery set, choose your favourite one listed above and complete your collection.