5 Ways to Style Your Flowy Button-Up Shirt

Why do shirts have to be reserved for board meetings or interviews? With a nice flowy button-up shirt, you can get a cool casual look this summer. And you can style this soft and airy, lightweight shirt in several ways. You must have seen your favorite celebrity layer it with mini dresses, bodysuits, or bikinis. Hence, a long-sleeve button-up shirt is a wardrobe essential, just like a basic tee or a great pair of denim, and you cannot go wrong with it. So if you want to ditch the same boring way of wearing the shirt, here are some hints you should take:

  • Go Boho

You can use your flowy button-up shirts to create a boho look. And you can pair the top with a flowing maxi skirt in bright colors or cool prints. You may tuck the shirt into the skirt’s waistband and smooth out any lumps or wrinkles, and use a wide belt that clinches the waist and highlights your curves to finish off your look. Also, accessorize with some beaded or silver jewelry, and do not forget your favorite pair of shades when you go out for Sunday brunch.

  • Layer It Up

Layering is one of the common ways to style your button-up shirt. And you can take some hints from your favorite celebrities or could try out something on your own. So with layering, you can add more colors, patterns, and textures that make the entire look a lot more interesting.

If you choose a button-up in winter or fall, you can layer it up with a sweater. You can also cuff the sweater sleeves to make the top visible from underneath. And if you want to show off your shirt a bit more, go for a cropped sweater. As for bottoms, a dark pair of denim or jeggings would do just fine. 

You can layer your shirt with a camisole or a crop top. And if you want to create a playful and casual look for the day, wear the shirt over any of your solid fitted tops and keep it unbuttoned. As such, go for baggy or distressed jeans to complete the look. 

  • Tie a Knot

Many people do not like that a flowy shirt makes them look shapeless, but you can tie a knot at the front. Tying up a button-up creates a flirty look and accentuates your natural curves, and you can do this by buttoning it up from above and leaving the last few undone. So twist the shirt sides and tie it into a simple knot, and you can finish this look with shorts or high-waist jeans, or even a flowy skirt.

  • Casual and Classy 

A flowy button-up shirt is a fashion statement in itself, and you don’t even need to add anything to create a trendy look. You can put on the shirt that fits you well and pair it with the right pair of distressed jeans to create a casual yet classy look. Lace-up or strappy sandals and minimalistic jewelry would also be enough to round up the look.

  • Shine Bright

A button-up shirt can be paired with bright colors and prints, and you can wear the top with loose gypsy pants in quirky prints and patterns or bold colors. A floral A-line skirt can also be ideal for creating some mix and match. So take out your block-heeled ankle booties from the closet and rock the look.  

A button-up shirt is a versatile staple and can be worn in any way at any time of the year. So, take note of the pointers given above and amp up your style quotient with this timeless piece of clothing.