5 Secrets to Increased Sales Performance In 2022

Businesses, regardless of size and industry, must build value. To do this, they must demonstrate the benefits of the products and services. Here are five secrets ways to increase your sales performance in 2022.

1. Clear-Cut Goals

The first step to any successful journey is knowing where you want to go. The same applies to sales performance. If you’re unsure of the specific number or percentage you would like to achieve, it will be impossible for you and your team to know if you are progressing towards the goal. Some examples of reasonable goals are:

  • Number of sales closed per day, week, month, or quarter
  • Sales pipeline growth from month-to-month or year-to-year
  • Number of calls completed per day, week, month, or quarter
  • Average deal value size of each sale completed

2. Give Your Reps Good Tools

A rep who has good tools wins more deals. If a representative has 30 minutes with a prospect and can’t access all the necessary information, that time is wasted. If an agent has excellent tools and access to relevant information, they close more deals.

3. Make Them Feel Valued

Many people on your sales team are probably looking for a new job. Yes, you heard me correctly: many people on your sales team are looking elsewhere. That may not be surprising news—salespeople are notoriously flaky and hard to hang onto, and so on.

4. Be a Good Leader, Not Just a Boss

Leadership is about motivating your team to do their best. A good leader will take the time to set clear goals and objectives for a team member and will be a role model for others to follow. A good leader works in partnership with the team and shows that they care about people by being available and taking an active interest in them. They will celebrate success with the team, but when things go wrong, they won’t shy away from responsibility – they’ll face it, learn from mistakes, pick themselves up and go on again.

5. Technology Is Your Friend

Being a top performer in sales is more than just knowing the right things to say or understanding your product. You need to be prepared. With some help from technology, you can ensure you have all the information and resources you need to close that deal.

First thing’s first: tools created for efficiency will only work if you use them. If not, they turn into nothing but extra clutter on your desk and an extra few clicks in your day-to-day routine. So please do yourself a favor and start using them today!


In an ever-changing business environment, the importance of sales will endure. Successful companies have understood that growth and profitability are best achieved through a sophisticated, multichannel approach to sales. They can facilitate change by optimizing their teams’ performance, leveraging new data insights, and making more intelligent business decisions. Please seek the advice of industry experts like Stefan Soloviev.

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