3 Unique Features of e-commerce Website Design

The Indian e-commerce sector is expected to surpass that of the US to become the second- largest market in the world by 2034. It will reach $111.40 billion by 2025 growing at 19.24% CAGR from $46.20 billion in 2020. So, there has never been a better time to start focusing on boosting your online store and delighting your customers. Updating your e-commerce is also a good way to stay competitive and increase conversions.

The core objective of an e-commerce website design is to help customers find products easily. They will love visiting your website and help accomplish your business goals. A site refresh is necessary when you see red flags like slow page speed, high bounce rate or poor SERP ranking. In general, too, you must add new features as often as it is required. Here’s what you must incorporate.

1.      Ubiquity and Global Reach

It means your visitors must be able to access your service from any device and any location at any time. In short, it is the ‘state of being everywhere all the time’. But how to establish a dominant presence among potential customers across the world?

Use the best website builder to accelerate your penetration in the marketplace. This way a brand could be located in New York but sell its products and services at any corner of the globe. Users can purchase at their convenience from their tablets and smartphones. You gain:

  • increased credibility with search engines
  • a larger audience reach and strengthen the base
  • better profits and brand recognition/awareness
  • maximization of innovations and technology

Provide language selections, allow various countries and offer currency choices.Do not forget to internationalize your domain name and use a web host in your target market to make the best of localised services.

2.      Richness

It is undeniable that too many pop-ups and CTAs and high data density increase page abandonment rates. But a visually appealing e-commercecangrabattention. Make your store more beautiful by choosingquirky templates from a trusted website builder. Other ways are:

  • Picking a particular colour palette
  • Embedding HD videos and images
  • Sticking to maximum 1 to 2 fonts
  • Adding white space around elements
  • Keeping the design balanced
  • Making the best use of grids

Modern shoppers are driven by experience and are on the lookout for fresh and eye-pleasing designs. All of the above-discussed points are powerful methods to boost traffic.

3.      Interactivity 

Studies have found that 86% of buyers prefer actionable and interactive content. Create infographics, build a stylish landing page, employ digital tools, add conversational bots and use virtual simulators. These tend to increase the chances of meeting customer needs better. For instance, Nike once launched a 360 Fit System for their sports bra in 2015. This helped customers to measure their tops and pick the ideal size.

A good e-commerce website design must be easy on the eye. Keep it from looking dull, add the best navigation practices and ensure a seamless checkout experience. Do not forget to establish fraud prevention strategies as well.


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