May 2022


Change Your Life With the Affirmations

In the beginning, Henry Ford’s engineers told him that it was physically impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine block in one piece. Henry Ford, on the other hand, remained steadfast in his efforts to achieve this aim. Even Nevertheless, Ford’s engineers were told to go on with their job by the company’s executives. He encouraged them to persevere until they achieved their goals, no matter how long it took. If they wanted to maintain their employment at Ford, they had to do this one and only task. Ford told them to keep trying even after they’d been trying for over a year with no results and were getting nowhere. It wasn’t long until the first V8 engine was built.

In addition to influencing how we see and experience the world around us, our thoughts and beliefs also have an effect on how we perceive and experience ourselves. Eighty percent of us have negative thoughts about ourselves at some point in life, according to study. Imagine having to listen to a tape all day that was nothing but people’s gripes, complaints, and criticisms. As a result, many individuals fail to recognise the fact that they are continually replaying these sorts of thoughts in their minds.

The Right Choices for Affirmations

We may get so used to our programming that we lose sight of the fact that it exists at all. As thoughts like “I’m not good at anything,” “Life is difficult,” or “People are untrustworthy” enter our minds so often, we begin to accept them as facts and stop investigating the idea that things may be different. A poor self-perception exacerbates this problem.

According to the Latin word “affirmare,” which means “to strengthen and steady,” the term “affirmation” was coined. One way to make an affirmation is to state that we believe something to be true. Self-affirmation is a means of convincing oneself that things are going in the right direction, even if this may not be the case right now.

People’s lives may be drastically transformed by positive affirmations. Cognitive behavioural therapy, a treatment for depression, is only one of the many therapeutic paradigms in which they play a significant role. A vast number of 12-step-based therapy programmes emphasise positive affirmations as well.

Affirmations that are correctly formulated may “rewire” our brains to break negative thought habits. Our brains release more feel-good chemicals when we think positive thoughts, much like when we engage in physical exercise. Having a positive outlook on life may have a good impact on our mental and emotional health, as well as on our physical health.

If you’d want some inspiration, here are 15 strong positive affirmations:

Because I’m worth it, I’m entitled to love, happiness, and fulfilment. Reading this affirmation might help you boost your self-esteem and feeling of self-worth. It’s true that you are precisely who you believe you are.

The life I want to live is within my power to create

Using this statement as a reminder that you are the only one who can decide what sort of life you want to live, you can take control of your destiny. Respecting your ability to make choices about your thoughts and actions that benefit your life is one way to demonstrate your regard for your freedom of choice.

Infinite opportunities and possibilities await us each and every day

“Tomorrow is a new day,” someone has probably told you before. Every new day brings with it a fresh set of opportunities and challenges. Seize the day. Seize the day by making the most of the opportunities that are offered to you.

I am really grateful for the opportunities and experiences that my life has provided me with

Possessing a grateful mindset may enhance your mood and make you more appreciative of the numerous blessings you’ve already received, but it can also act as a magnet for attracting more of the same.


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Are You An Online Seller? You Need To Know This

Every business needs an online presence for a more expanded market consisting of diverse customers who can be targeted for making a sale. Besides making sales, building a relationship with your potential leads is also very important. Online sellers (แม่ค้าออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) are often confused about how to increase their sales through the internet. The following tips will help you strategize and get results from your website.

Understanding The Demands And Needs Of Consumers In The Market

The first and foremost step towards increasing your business’s sales is to understand and learn the market. Researching the consumer groups and learning their needs. Ask yourself questions like what are the groups in which the consumers are divided? What products do they buy? Which brands do they prefer?

Analyzing The Market To Know Who Your Target Audiences Are

Online sellers often forget to select their target audiences, and that is where they go wrong. If you target everybody, you will not get many leads. Instead, if you choose the group of consumers you want to sell to, it will be easy to develop an advertising plan, which brings us to our next step.

Developing A Marketing Strategy To Attract The Said Target Audience

To target your ideal consumer, you need to prepare a marketing strategy. There are many forms of advertising from which you can choose. But marketing focuses on decisions such as mode of targeting consumers, offers provided, branding the product and business, etc. 

Updating Your Landing Page, Website, As Well As Social Media Handles To Generate Leads.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you attract many online leads to your website. Update all your social media handles and website by mentioning your products or services, using the keywords in your industry, updating your profile pictures so people know who you are, and so on. It will be a start towards getting more and more people to click on your ads.


If you are a beginner in the world of online sellers, pressuring yourself to do all the tasks at one time will only lead to a burn-out. Focus on two or three jobs at a time and see how vastly it increases your productivity. Use these tips to generate more sales through your online business accounts and, at the same time, spread more awareness in the market about the products or services you provide. It will benefit you greatly in the longer run.  

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What Are The Best Paving And Landscaping Services? 

Beauty is by nature. And nature comes with roads, houses, landscaping, block paving, and exterior designs. Every individual wants suitable living spaces and people use to go out to enjoy nature and its bounty. 

Paving is commonly termed as an outdoor or surface floor covering in construction language. People used to call various companies to pave their area or floor with suitable materials to make it beautiful. Beaconsfield paving has a significant number of pavers who give quality outdoor spaces worldwide. 

What Are The Types Of Paving Methods?

  • The First one is brick, which is popular in use. Brick is made of clay and gives a style that is distinctive. 
  • The Second one is stone; there are many types of stone, such as limestone, fieldstone, flagstone, and granite. Mainly used paves due to the attractive quality. 
  • The Third one is concrete, primarily used in commercial and residential properties. As per the texture, they are durable and good for use. 

How To Choose Surface Finishes? 

Beaconsfield paving and Gerrards cross paving are made of smooth, mottled, and dimpled surfaces. Dimpled surfaces are uneven; they give a more natural finish, and mottled surfaces are the roads that used to be made in ancient times. 

Pavers have experience in modifying land into exterior gardens. It uplifts an all-around external appearance and gives the best designs out of it. 

How Many Types Of Paving Patterns? 

Many patterns give astonishing effects to the roads and provide beautiful surfaces to walk on.

The circular pattern is in a circular form; here, the space between the paver is filled with sand and used by most as it gives exciting slots. Another comes with a running pattern that is easy to create and one of the standard pavers. 

One of the famous patterns is European. This pattern is renowned within US boundaries, a kind of challenging but beautiful design. Want to see an English landscape? The basket weave pattern is one of a kind that has vintage with contrasting colors, which aid interest. 

With the unique name herringbone just like it sounds the same as its pattern. This pattern is made out of 45 or 90 degrees in V shape format. Due to its unique quality, this is made in the high traffic area and as outdoor furniture.

How Is The Quality Defined Through Gerrards Cross Paving?

Numerous reasons to opt out of paving services as it gives experienced installers and staff with skilled craftsmanship. The service is well defined with 100 percent promised customers along with landscaping work. 

As these paving services come from ancient times, there are also modern methods that give aesthetic looks and make your outdoor area significant. Talking about the competitive prices, you can easily find your materials for paving according to your projects and choose the best color pattern. 

Summing up is not complex as people love to decorate their home to make it more exciting and worth living as per needs.  

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Why Does Construction Need To Be Done More Skillfully? 

Construction is not just a word or definition to construct. Construction requires well-skilled contractors who help build efficient buildings, a place to live, a place to go out, and a place to visit. 

Foundations of every building need to be strong enough to bear the load without support. Piling contractors is the deep construction technique that transmits load underground. These underground strata will be soil beds or bedrock. 

Usually, piles are square shaped with concrete and timber materials. They are nailed underground until it reaches a hard soil layer. 

What Are The Types Of Piles? 

Piling contractors classified piles in Construction into different types, and some of them are:

  • Piles of Bearing are used to transfer loads from foundations to underground. 
  • Piles of Friction are used to develop friction along the pile surface area. 
  • Piles of Friction cum bearing are designed to resist both axial loads. 
  • Piles of Batter resist the force for diagonal direction as above piles do in vertical. 
  • Piles of Guide help to build cofferdam for stabilization of water construction. 

What Is CFA Piling? 

The CFA piling is termed as continuous flight auger bored. Basically, this is done on the stemmed augers; this is pumped through the augers between centers, the augers extracted then meanwhile concreting happening to the level of grounds. At the time of extraction, pile formation is mentioned through the computer system so that the pile can be constructed correctly. 

CFA piling is a bit of a process; meanwhile, let’s look at how designing of pile formation takes place. The first calculation designs these. The calculation is based on the load that each pile will resist, obtained by dividing the total load on the foundation by the total number of piles. 

Secondly, the calculation is done for the load of the pile, and then it is converted into axial form. It should be less than load carrying capacity according to allowable. After that, buckling load capacity is needed to be evaluated by Euler critical load and comparing it with the acting load. Basically, it should be less than a provisional load. 

In the last, the load-carrying capacity with the frictional resistance is calculated by multiplying the surface area of the column by roughness, and it should be greater than the actual load. Foundation needs to be built together with the same as made with a machine, man, and power. Piling contractors will be the specialists who install cost-effective solutions for piles. Many programs have grown to give modern monitoring systems. 

Choosing the piles of Construction is a bit comprehensive that involves planning, pre or post, along with the set’s objective to bring cost-effective Construction and drive solid relationships with clients to work on more future projects. 

Nevertheless, the Construction of a pile offers a perfect scenario to build the foundation not for you but the world so that people can live in a more spacious area with an eco-friendly atmosphere. 

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All You Need To Know About – Unblock Drain Sittingbourne 

Drainage is a serious problem that requires quick action. A drainage system doesn’t get treated on its own, but requires a great effort to clean it. If a drainage is not treated on time, it can cause severe problems such as bad odour, flood or even blockage. A drain survey is conducted to analyse the problem and look for a solution to it. 

Drilling a hole in the drainage system and then reviewing it can be a greater task. CCTV drain survey and unblock drains Sittingbourne is the best option and one of the most trending options to treat drainage problems. The process involves using a portable CCTV camera that passes through the system which gives a clear image of the system.

Why Is It Important To Get It Fixed?

Nobody likes to smell a filthy odor, especially when it comes from their own home. Poor drainage is not only a source of bad odour but is also a home to many pests and diseases. This can also produce toxic waste from sewer lines which can affect your health. Analysing the drainage system to find out the site of the problem can cause you to pay a great amount of bill. 

The older method which involves drilling and digging is heavy on your pockets and takes a lot of time. As compared to that, CCTV drain survey doesn’t cost you much and takes very less time.

Common Signs That You Need To Get A CCTV Drain Survey Done

  • Don’t ignore the smell- bad odour coming from your toilets, shower and even the wash basin is a common sign that you need to get a drain survey done.
  • Blocked pipes- if you are noticing very less flow of water coming out of the taps, then this is a clear indication of blocked pipes. CCTV drain survey must be conducted in this case.
  • Increased number of pests/flies- Flies is commonly found in places where the environment is not clean. A drainage system is a home to many flies when it gets damaged. Don’t ignore this clear indication and go for CCTV Drain survey immediately.

What Are The Various Drainage Companies In Sittingbourne? 

The industrial town of Sittingbourne has many companies which provide CCTV drain surveys. Here are a few things that you must expect from an expert drainage company Sittingbourne:

  • They have an experience of more than 40 years and are highly efficient in their work. 
  • They have the facility if 1 hour emergency response. Which means that they are always ready to help you out? They have a rating of 5 stars on Google and they claim to be checkatrade approved. 
  • They provide an in-depth view of the problem and they do their level best to treat it. From sending their teammates to do an analysis to finding a solution of the problem- they’ve got you covered. 
  • They have a wide range of equipment that are useful for treating drainage problems. All the products are BBA certified and are fully compatible. 

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Resolve The Pipeline Blockage Issues With CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV drain survey is a service some plumbers offer to find and fix problems in our drains. It involves using a camera to take pictures of our pipes and drains, which will help the plumber, diagnose the problem and cure it faster. The survey saves us time and money and improves the quality of our plumbing system.

A CCTV drain survey helps find the most common places where sewage flows from a drain. It is most commonly used to see where blockages are in gutters caused by dirt, leaves, or other debris. The video footage captured by the CCTV drain survey is evidence of a drain inspection. It can help a plumber solve drainage problems at a property faster.

It finds the main drain in our home, which will allow the plumber to diagnose the problem and fix the issue faster. Modern homes are constructed with multiple drains; therefore challenging to find during a traditional drain inspection. 

Drain Survey In Sutton

Sutton is a small village that has been slowly sinking into the sea since the 1930s. It has developed a new life that is its own, and it’s entirely surrounded by water as of today. Its past inhabitants came and departed over the centuries, and its history is obscured by the silt of time.

The Sutton drain survey is performed to understand the effect of Sutton water-level fluctuations on the ecology of nearby Sutton Sound. A hydrologist led it from the U.S. Geological Survey, who sampled the ocean floor at 42 locations around the sound over nine years. The project’s overall goal was to understand how the sound was affected by flood events during the last glacial period, approximately 130,000 years ago, and how these effects may have changed in response to the last glacial period.

Drain Survey London

London drain survey is an independent company that provides a range of drainage and sewer services to homes and businesses throughout the capital, helping homeowners improve the quality and efficiency of their drainage systems and reducing the impact of flooding on our streets.

CCTV Drain Survey London is a long-standing provider of strategic drainage solutions to upstream and downstream customers and the infrastructure that powers them.

CCTV Drain Survey London (CDLS) Survey was conducted on the 6th of September 2016.

The Expertise Of Drain Surveyors

Drain survey experts offer many valuable services. Their expertise and experience are invaluable in helping homeowners understand the problems of clogged drains and proposing solutions that are right for their needs and their home.ts.

Drain Survey Experts Can Stay On Top Of our Drain Issues, Even When They’re Occurring Outside Of Normal Business Hours.

We can depend on our Pex Pipe Pros for expert sewer repair and drain cleaning services to solve our drain problems. To properly drain a bathtub, check our tub’s overflow hole for clogs or build a new one. It may be hard to see the overflow hole if this is an old tub: we’ll need to pry up the top with a knife and look for the opening. If we can’t find it, don’t worry: we can often dig it out with a screwdriver or other small tool.

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Why You Should Invest In A Green Pest Control Product For Your Home 

No matter where you reside, pests have become a severe problem. You would look forward to keeping them out of your house with all available means. However, not all pest control methods would be suitable to meet your specific needs. The most common issues with various kinds of pest control methods would be the health issues they pose to residents in a home. Moreover, you might invest in expensive pest control methods without gathering adequate knowledge about the products. 

It would be worth mentioning that you consider gathering knowledge on genuine review sites for your total pest control wholesale needs. They would also cater to you with an effective yet affordable rat glue trap to avoid pest invasion in your home. 

The World Is Going Green. 

With the world emphasizing using green products in all spheres of your life, pest control is no exception. It would be worth mentioning here that green products would be ideal for the overall well-being of you and your family. You would also be contributing to the safety of the environment. Moreover, green pest control methods would not burn a significant hole in your pocket. These affordable pest control methods would be suitable for all kinds of homes. You could get rid of the annoying pests in the best possible way – by going green. 

With green pest control wholesale products at your behest, you would not be worried about your Home’s safety and the environment. Think of a rat glue trap that does not entail harmful chemicals or adhesives that could be detrimental to the rodent and your Home. 

The Ease Of Acquiring Green Pest Control Products 

The green pest control products would be easily made available in the market. You do not have to run from pillar to post, as most green pest control products would be readily available in various pest control wholesale stores online. If you were contemplating buying a rat glue trap that effectively captures the rat without hampering the health of your home, consider looking for a reliable and reputed online wholesale store. You might come across numerous online pest control stores offering the best product for every dime spent. 

Using Green Pest Control Products 

If you were wondering about using green pest control products, rest assured you would be doing a great favour to the overall health of your home and the environment as well. It would be worth mentioning here that using green pest control products does not require hiring a professional for the job. You could make the most of wholesale green pest control products independently by going through the instructions. It would be relatively straightforward for you to understand the instructions, as not all green pest control products would be challenging to use. 

A green rat glue trap would ensure that you catch the rodent without causing harm to your Home or the rodent in any way. You would be better off using an effective green pest control product with no damage caused to the environment and your Home than investing in expensive pest control services.

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Why Was Your Amazon Account Suspended And How To Re-Access It?

An Amazon seller account can be suspended for different reasons, and they are usually related to the products that the seller is selling over the platform. In case of a suspension, what are the necessary steps to bring back the account to normal conditions? Keep reading this article to know.

What Are The Different Reasons Behind An Amazon Suspended Account?

Following are the most common reasons why your Amazon seller account is suspended:

Creating Two Or Multiple Seller Accounts

An Amazon seller cannot have two or multiple seller accounts for the same product type. It is considered a violation of Amazon’s policy. However, if the seller has already received approval for the same from Amazon, the account will not be suspended. Having multiple accounts is also justified in case of different lines of products to be sold. 

Some sellers often open a new account right after their old version is suspended. If this is the case, the new one will also be stopped after it is brought to notice by Amazon. 

Amazon Standards For Product Quality

Amazon has specific laid down standards for the quality of products. Selling low-quality products by using misleading seller descriptions and pictures can land a seller into a lot of trouble. 

Amazon Policy Infringement

Abiding by the national laws related to copyrights and trademarks is a must to be a seller on Amazon. Using copyrighted pictures for your products or fake trademarks will be considered an infringement of intellectual property laws.

Other policy violations include fake positive reviews, deleting customer reviews in order to misguide people, fake accounts for ratings, etc. 

How To Place An Amazon Suspension Appeal?

Now that we know all the reasons behind an Amazon suspended account let us understand how to plead an appeal for the same. Go through your account and find out why it was broken, and then prepare an Amazon suspension appeal.

Knowing the exact reason behind the suspension will help you a lot to create a good impression in front of the personnel. After formulating a proper appeal, write to the organization for the same. Contact them pleading your case, stating that you’ll be careful enough and follow all the policies framed by the platform.

How To Appeal To Amazon? 

When you have formed a proper plan of action (POA) for being vigilant in the future, open the suspension notice sent by Amazon and click on appeal. Now, type the entire POA and also enter your contact information in the same application. The authorities can call you if they need any more information from you. 


Another most common reason why Amazon suspends an account is the seller’s performance. If a seller has abysmal reviews or ratings over the platform, it indicates that their products, after-sales service, or marketing policy are flawed. An Amazon suspended account can be reactivated by properly appealing to the organization as per the above steps. I hope this article helps you out. 

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Influencer Marketing Tips for Instagram Beginners

One of the best ways to gain exposure and sales with Instagram is by working with influencers. Influencers can reach a huge audience with little cost and effort.

Influencers are already aware of what brands want, and they can create content that fits your needs and interests. For example, one can create a mood board with images and ideas for posts and give influencers free rein. Ideas like these have been proven to acquire new Instagram followers at a much faster pace than just posting any images or videos to your feed.

Not only will this give a sense of the aesthetics of your brand, it will boost your chances of getting a high-quality post that could potentially go viral as well. To learn more about the best working methods to become a famous influencer on social media, continue reading through the content below.

Influencer marketing is different from traditional advertising

You may have wondered how influencer marketing on Instagram can help you build your brand. Well, the idea behind it is to partner with an individual with a large social following and have them promote your product or brand on their page. This method allows you to reach customers who wouldn’t otherwise see your ad in an unobtrusive way. Moreover, influencer marketing is less expensive than traditional celebrity endorsements.

Influencers can be anyone who has a large following on social media or the web. They can be a popular fashion photographer on Instagram or an influential cybersecurity blogger. Influencers can be ordinary people who are considered experts in their field. That’s why influencer marketing is so effective. You can get a lot of leads and convert them into customers through influencer marketing. You can also use their following as a marketing channel, sending them to your e-commerce shop to make sales.

It’s cheaper than paid advertising

Using influencers on Instagram is less expensive than other platforms, but the prices can vary significantly. There are several factors to consider when evaluating an Instagram influencer, including past performance with brands similar to yours, content posted by the influencer, and the brand’s specific campaign requirements. By following these tips, you’ll be able to determine the cost of using an Instagram influencer. Then, you can negotiate the price based on your company’s budget and the type of campaign you want.

Unlike traditional advertising, working with an Instagram influencer is significantly cheaper. For a given amount, you can reach tens of thousands of consumers. You can also agree on an exclusivity period with the influencer, which can eliminate other opportunities for income. Moreover, Instagram influencers can produce a high-quality video and edit it for your brand. The price of hiring an Instagram influencer is typically lower than other methods, as well as the labor involved is lower.

It’s easier than SEO

Instagram is a social media platform that keeps users engaged by sharing various types of content. By working with an influencer, you can tap into this growing community of mobile app users. It’s a well-known fact that 49% of people trust recommendations from other users. That means that working with an influencer can increase conversion rates and build authentic relationships.

First, ensure that your campaign includes a clear time frame and deadline. Once you have a clear timetable, you can plan the content of your campaign. You’ll know how much content you need to create and what type of content is expected. You’ll also know how much content you can expect from an influencer. After all, it’s not unusual for influencers to be busy and not have time to respond to every single message.

It’s proven to be more effective

The success of your influencer marketing campaign can be attributed to the content and the audience. The most important factors to look for in an influencer are their following, engagement rate, and content quality. While a larger influencer’s following is always better, a smaller audience can be just as effective. Influencers who have fewer than 100,000 followers can be considered micro-influencers, but they should still be considered.

Before collaborating with influencers, consider the audience they are trying to reach. Instagram users are more likely to trust a brand if it is a credible brand. You can determine this by reading their stories, reading their posts, and looking at their comments. Previously, follower count was the criterion for scouting potential influencers. Nowadays, engagement rate is top of mind.

With more people using social media platforms to grow their reach and influence, it’s only a matter of time before you will be doing the same. Follow the tips above, and take a look at the new content being added on the main page of our site. Don’t forget to also join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest findings.

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Exclusive Office Space Near MRT

CW Tower is providing an office for rent near MRT(ออฟฟิศ ให้ เช่า ติด รถไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai). CW Tower is a high standard office building for rent, next to the MRT Thailand cultural centre. This office building in the heart of Ratchada is one of the top choices with modernity, cleanliness, management standards, safety and the convenience of 5 stars.

The Location And The Convenience

The office is located in the heart of Ratchada, near the shopping centre and many more business centres such as the Big C Extra, The Street Ratchada(24-hour shopping centre) and Esplanade.

The office building has a large parking area. The office is situated next to the MRT Thailand cultural centre. And is next to the bus stand as well.

Office Rooms, Shop And Service Center

This office building can answer all the needs of the organization. With the option to have the whole room Ready-to-furnish offices and empty rooms.

The podium has retail space inside the building. There are shops, and service shops measuring 15-750 sq m with a ceiling height from floor to floor of 5.5m. The air conditioning system with cold water is controlled by the tenant himself through the tenant’s meter.

Also, they are providing LED T8 Tubes.

The parking rate for the visitors is free for 2 hours and 30 baht after that. 

Office Floor

Office for rent near MRT is providing two buildings A and B with the covered area size of 150-1180sq m(building A) and 150-800 sq m(building B).

The floor to ceiling is 2.60meters. They are providing an air conditioning system with cold water and a 24hours cooling system for the server room and also T5 Fluorescent light.

The parking rate for the visitors is free for the first four hours and 30 baht per hour after that.

The Building Details

There are two buildings, Building A and B.

Building A has a total area of 39013 sq.m. which is further extended into 3 zones-low, medium and high.

The area size of the low zone is 1025sq.m. with 14-21 floors, the medium zone is 1179.sq.m with 22-34 floors and the high zone is 1179sq.m. with 35-48 floors.

Building B has a total area of 23497sq.m. which is divided into 2 zones-low and high zone.

The area size of the low zone is 800sq.m. with 14-29 floors, and the high zone is 800sq.m. with 30-43 floors.

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